Gaoming Port (CNGOM)

Port Code CNGOM City Foshan
Port Name FOSHAN>GAOMING Country/Region China
Category Port Route CHINA MAINLAND
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Gaoming Port (CNGOM)


The Port of Gaoming is an inland port on the Xijiang River in Foshan. The port is relatively small and generally only berths barges . Gaoming District is located in the jurisdiction of Foshan. The surrounding cities, districts and counties are: Gaoyao in the north, Xinxing County in the west, Heshan in the south, Nanhai District and Sanshui District in the east. The district is divided into a street and three towns.

Gaoming has convenient water and land transportation. There are 22 kilometers along the coast of the Xijiang River, 23 port terminals, and an annual throughput of 400,000 tons. It is navigable to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Wuzhou and other places along the Xijiang River. It only takes 2 hours and 50 minutes for Minggang City to reach Hong Kong directly. The 3000 has been in operation. The new freight wharf of Gaoming Port with the tonnage level has become a cargo transfer station in the surrounding area. The total mileage of existing highways is 719.6 kilometers, and the highway density is 76 kilometers/100 square kilometers. The distribution of the highway network mainly consists of three vertical lines (Lianjin Line, Zhaozhu Line, Gaotong Line) and one horizontal line (Guangzhou-Guangzhou Line), and standard cement roads run through urban and rural areas in the whole district.

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