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Gennevilliers (FRFGL)

Gennevilliers, lle-de-France Region, France

Port Code FRFGL / FRGVL Port Name Gennevilliers
City Gennevilliers Country/Region France
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 48.94263 Longitude 2.281301
Gennevilliers Port (Port Code: FRFGL) is the largest river port in France. The port is primarily a commercial port. It is an important delivery terminal for semi-finished non-perishable freight from lower-Seine (via Le Havre), and also for heavy materials carried by the French canal system. These items are mostly heavy, low value-added bulk materials: sand and gravel, cement, finished building materials (such as metal frames), packaging materials (paper, pallets) or certain dangerous chemicals. With its 400 hectares and 270 farming companies, the Port of Gennevilliers handles an annual transit of 20 million tonnes of goods, including 5 million tonnes of river traffic in bulk or containerized form.
The Port confirms that it supplies 13% of goods in the region.

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