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Gioia Tauro Port (ITGIT)

Port Code ITGIT City Gioia Tauro
Port Name GIOIA TAURO Country/Region Italy
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Gioia Tauro Port (ITGIT)


GIOIA TAURO Port in Reggio Calabria in southern Italy, is the largest seaport in Italy. In 2010, it was the seventh largest container port in Europe. It is located in connection with Suez. The route to Gibraltar is one of the busiest sea passages in the world.

The port has seven loading and unloading docks on the 4646-meter extension; in 2007, the Gioia Tauro Port called more than 3,000 ships and handled 3.7 million TEUs.

Seaport operations accounted for one third of the entire country's transportation (2002), and more specialized in transshipment activities, using Malta (Malta) port as a node for transshipment/to overseas transportation nodes to the United States and/to the Far East. Medcenter  Container Terminal (Medcenter, CONTSHIP) is the main operator working in the sea port of Gioia Tauro.

This is part of the operation of the Container Security Initiative and has become part of the Genoa Port’s Extra Large Port Plan.

Port information

GIOIA TAURO Port is located on the west coast of the main island of Italy (approximate position: 38-30N 015-53E), about 15 nautical miles north of the MESSINA Strait, and is a narrow and long port with man-made excavations. The port basin is about 1.5 nautical miles long, the middle section is about 0.1 nautical mile wide, and there are 0.2-0.3 nautical mile-wide U-turn areas at both ends. The water depths of different berths in the port basin are between 6 and 14 meters. The berths are all located on the inland side, and they are all modern container terminals; the terminals are higher than the water surface, about 4.2 meters ± 0.6 meters.

At the end of the wharf, there is a ro-ro ship wharf with a length of about 100 meters horizontally. There are special slope openings for springboards at the front and rear. The height of the bottom of the opening is 3.2 meters ± 0.6 meters. Because it is a slope, it can be adapted to ro-ro ships with different heights of springboards, but ro-ro ships with a length of more than 100 meters and a lower springboard can only dock on the port side and use the mid-stern jump to load and unload vehicles.

The water outside the breakwater of GIOIA TAURO is very deep, and there is no anchorage, and the ship usually drifts 5 nautical miles away from the breakwater. The GIOIA TAURO water diversion station is located about 1 nautical mile west of the entrance. For ships with a gross tonnage of more than 15,000, if they need to cross the MESSINA Strait, they must be forced to divert water. Ships going north must apply for diversion to PILOT MESSINA SUD by fax 12 hours in advance. Two hours before arriving at the MESSINA Strait Diversion Station, use VHF 16 and 12 channels to contact again, and report again 1 hour before arriving at the Diversion Station. At the same time, the strait has a traffic control station. The first 5 nautical miles of arrival in the separation zone should be reported to the corresponding traffic control station (channels 16, 13 for northbound ships, and 16, 14 for south ships). Before leaving the ship, pilots in the strait will use channel 9 to report to GIOIA TAURO to obtain information about entry into the port. , Contact again 1 hour before the ship arrives in port. VHF9 and 16 channels are mainly used to contact the relevant parties of GIOIA TAURO. Similarly, if you need to cross the MESSINA Strait to leave GIOIA TAURO, the port diversion will also help you contact the MESSINA Strait to divert water.

The ro-ro ship terminal has professional car loading and unloading workers with complete technology and tools, and the loading and unloading speed is relatively fast. 

At the same time, GIOIA TAURO has "SHIP CHECK-LIST BERTHED IN GIOIA TAURO HARBOUR". There are 26 port regulations, including VHF 16 and Channel 09 on duty 24 hours a day, emergency towing cables are prepared before and after the port. Radar is not allowed, the mouse block is placed correctly, the gangway is placed correctly, etc., after arriving at the port, let the ship check and confirm. The Hong Kong side often checks the implementation of each round during the port call, and will be fined if it fails to meet the requirements. According to the agent, most ships will be fined if they are deemed unqualified in one way or another.

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Summary of ITGIT

The Port of Gioia Tauro (port code: ITGIT ) is located in the north of the city of Reggio Calabria, between the municipalities of Gioia Tauro and San Ferdinando, Calabria, is the largest port in Italy for the container in terms of throughput.

The port district has a total area of 4,400,000 square meters (440 ha), and it has a channel configuration with an internal water surface area of 180 acres, unfolding parallel to the coast. The port has 5,125 meters of docks. The water depth reaches 18 meters. On January 30, 2015, the port of Gioia Tauro welcomed the MSC London: with its 16,650 TEUs, it is the largest container carrier to have ever berthed in Italy.

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