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Guarulhos (BRQCV)

Guarulhos, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Port Code BRQCV Port Name Guarulhos
City Guarulhos Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude -23.4444082 Longitude -46.535467
Guarulhos Port (port code: BRQCV) is a dry port in São Paulo, in southeastern Brazil. It is surrounded by the Tietê River in the south and Cabuçu River in the east.
The port has handled around US$ 50,000 and 7 shipments in the month of August 2018. Major products imported were cyclic alcohols and their halogenated or nitrosated derivatives, parts and accessories of the motor vehicles.
The port has been ranked 3 as per imports value from India as it handled about 7% of the country’s import trade business with roughly US$ 177 million worth of imports in the year 2018.

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