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Girvan (GBGIR)

Girvan, Scotland, United Kingdom

Port Code GBGIR Port Name Girvan
City Girvan Country/Region United Kingdom
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 55.25 Longitude -4.85
Girvan Port (port code: GBGIR) is a small seaport in the United Kingdom. It is located on the west coast of Scotland.
The port primarily is a fishing port, but also used by small tankers and coasters importing raw materials for local industry. It offers facilities for handling break bulk. Each year approximately 40 vessels visit the port.
From 1860 onwards the Girvan Harbour Commission operated the harbour. A new breakwater and pier were added in 1881. In 1968 the wooden screen jetty, paid for by the Fishery board, was built to protect the basin. In 1988 the north breakwater was rebuilt. It protects the harbour from northerly gales and acts as a 'gut' in the channel, increasing the flow and minimising siltation on the sand bar.

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