Port List by Port name starting with N

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Namibe AOMSZ Feeder Port  Namibe City Port Angola
Novo Redondo(Sumbe) AONRE Feeder Port  Sumbe Port Angola
Necochea ARNEC Feeder Port  Necochea City Port Argentina
Newcastle AUNTL Feeder Port  Newcastle City Port Australia
Nieuwpoort BENIE Feeder Port  Nieuwpoort City Port Belgium
Nessebar BGNES Feeder Port  Nessebar City Port Bulgaria
Natal BRNAT Feeder Port  Natal City Port Brazil
Novo Hamburgo BRNHO  Dry Port Novo Hamburgo City Port Brazil
Niteroi BRNTR Feeder Port  Niteroi City Port Brazil
Navegantes BRNVT Feeder Port  Navegantes City Port Brazil
Nassau BSNAS Feeder Port  Nassau City Port Bahamas
New Glasgow CANGL Feeder Port  New Glasgow City Port Canada
Nanaimo CANNO Feeder Port  Nanaimo City Port Canada
New Richmond CANRI   New Richmond City Port Canada
North Sydney CANSY Feeder Port  North Sydney City Port Canada
New Westminster CANWE Feeder Port  New Westminster City Port Canada
Ningbo Daxie investment Wharf CNDXW Feeder Port  Ningbo Port China
Nanchang CNKHN Feeder Port  Nanchang City Port China
Nanhai(Ceased) CNNAH Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Ningde CNNDS Feeder Port  Ningde City Port China
Ningbo CNNGBMain Port   Ningbo City Port China
Nanjing CNNJI Feeder Port  Nanjing City Port China
Nansha CNNSAMain Port   Guangzhou Port China
Nantong CNNTG Feeder Port  Nantong City Port China
Nicaro CUICR Feeder Port  Nicaro City Port Cuba
Nueva Gerona CUNGA Feeder Port  Nueva Gerona City Port Cuba
Niquero CUNIQ Feeder Port  Niquero City Port Cuba
Nuevitas CUNUE Feeder Port  Nuevitas City Port Cuba
Nicosia CYNIC  Dry Port Nicosia City Port Cyprus
Neuhaus DENHS Feeder Port  Neuhaus City Port Germany
Nordenham DENOR Feeder Port  Nordenham City Port Germany
Neustadt DENST Feeder Port  Neustadt City Port Germany
Nurnberg DENUE Feeder Port  Nurnberg City Port Germany
Neuss DENUS Feeder Port  Neuss City Port Germany
Naestved DKNAE Feeder Port  Naestved City Port Denmark
Nykobing(Sjalland) DKNBG Feeder Port  Nykobing(Sjalland) City Port Denmark
Nekso DKNEK   Nekso City Port Denmark
Nykobing(Mors) DKNKG Feeder Port  Nykobing(Mors) City Port Denmark
Nakskov DKNKV Feeder Port  Nakskov City Port Denmark
Nyborg DKNYB Feeder Port  Nyborg City Port Denmark
Nykobing(Falster) DKNYK Feeder Port  Nykobing(Falster) City Port Denmark
Narva Joesuu EENAJ   Narva Port Estonia
Naantali FINAA Feeder Port  Naantali City Port Finland
Nystad(Uusikaupunki) FINYS Feeder Port  Uusikaupunki City Port Finland
Nice FRNCE Feeder Port  Nice City Port France
Nantes FRNTE Feeder Port  Nantes City Port France
Newburgh GBNBH   Newburgh City Port United Kingdom
Newcastle Upon Tyne GBNCL Feeder Port  Newcastle Upon Tyne City Port United Kingdom
Neath GBNEA  Dry Port Neath City Port United Kingdom
Newlyn GBNLN Feeder Port  Newlyn City Port United Kingdom
Norwich GBNOR  Dry Port Norwich City Port United Kingdom
Newport GBNPT Feeder Port  Newport City Port United Kingdom
Newry GBNRY  Dry Port Newry City Port United Kingdom
Nottingham GBNTG  Dry Port Nottingham City Port United Kingdom
North Queensferry GBQSY   North Queensferry City Port United Kingdom
Nuuk GLGOH Feeder Port  Nuuk City Port Denmark
Nanortalik GLJNN Feeder Port  Nanortalik City Port Denmark
Narssarssuaq GLUAK Feeder Port  Narssarssuaq City Port Denmark
Nauplia GRNAU Feeder Port  Nauplia City Port Greece
Navpaktos GRNAV Feeder Port  Navpaktos City Port Greece
Nea Karvali GRNKA Feeder Port  Kavala Port Greece
New Amsterdam GYNAM Feeder Port  New Amsterdam City Port Guyana
New Ross IENRS  Dry Port New Ross City Port Ireland
New Delhi INDEL  Dry Port New Delhi City Port India
New Delhi(F)/Icd Faridabad INFBD  Dry Port New Delhi Port India
New Delhi(K)/Icd Kundli INKUN  Dry Port Sonipat Port India
Navlakhi INNAV Feeder Port  Navlakhi City Port India
New Mangalore INNML Feeder Port  New Mangalore City Port India
Nagappattinam INNPT Feeder Port  Nagappattinam City Port India
New Tuticorin INNTU Feeder Port  Toothukudi Port India
Nhava Sheva INNXVMain Port   Navi Mumbai Port India
New Delhi(P)/Icd Patparganj INPPG  Dry Port New Delhi Port India
New Delhi(T)/Icd Tughlakabad INTKD  Dry Port New Delhi Port India
Neskaupstadur ISNES Feeder Port  Neskaupstadur City Port Iceland
Napoli ITNAP Feeder Port  Naples City Port Italy
Nettuno ITNTT Feeder Port  Nettuno City Port Italy
Niigata,JP JPKIJ Feeder Port  Niigata City Port Japan
Naha JPNAH Feeder Port  Naha City Port Japan
Nakagusuku JPNAK Feeder Port  Nakagusuku City Port Japan
Nakanoseki JPNAN Feeder Port  Houfu Port Japan
Naoetsu JPNAO Feeder Port  Naoetsu City Port Japan
Nemuro JPNEM Feeder Port  Nemuro City Port Japan
Nagoya JPNGOMain Port   Nagoya City Port Japan
Nagasaki JPNGS Feeder Port  Nagasaki City Port Japan
Niigata Higashi JPNHI Feeder Port  Niigata Higashi City Port Japan
Nishinomiya JPNIS Feeder Port  Nishinomiya City Port Japan
Niihama JPNMA Feeder Port  Niihama City Port Japan
Nanao JPNNO Feeder Port  Nanao City Port Japan
Noshiro JPNOS Feeder Port  Noshiro City Port Japan
Nairobi KENBO  Dry Port Nairobi City Port Kenya
Nakuru KENUU  Dry Port Nakuru City Port Kenya
Nampo KPNAM Feeder Port  Nampo City Port Korea, North
Negombo LKNEG Feeder Port  Negombo City Port Sri Lanka
Nador MANAD Feeder Port  Nador City Port Morocco
Nosy Be MGNBE Feeder Port  Nosy-Be City Port Madagascar
Nouadhibou MRNDB Feeder Port  Nouadhibou City Port Mauritania
Nouakchott MRNKC Feeder Port  Nouakchott City Port Mauritania
Nanchital MXNAN Feeder Port  Nanchital City Port Mexico
Nuevo Laredo MXNLD  Dry Port Nuevo Laredo City Port Mexico
Nogales MXNOG  Dry Port Nogales City Port Mexico
Nacala MZMNC Feeder Port  Nacala City Port Mozambique
Noumea NCNOU Feeder Port  Noumea City Port France
Niamey NENIA  Dry Port Niamey City Port Niger
Norfolk Island NFNLK Feeder Port  Norfolk Island City Port Australia
Naersnes NONAE Feeder Port  Naersnes City Port Norway
Namsos NONAM Feeder Port  Namsos City Port Norway
Narvik NONVK Feeder Port  Narvik City Port Norway
Nauru Island NRINU Feeder Port  Nauru City Port Nauru
Niue Island NUIUE Feeder Port  Alofi Port Niue
Napier NZNPEMain Port   Napier City Port New Zealand
New Plymouth NZNPL Feeder Port  New Plymouth City Port New Zealand
Nelson NZNSN Feeder Port  Nelson City Port New Zealand
Nasugbu PHNAS Feeder Port  Nasugbu City Port Philippines
Nasipit PHNPT Feeder Port  Nasipit City Port Philippines
Naryan Mar RUNAM Feeder Port  Naryan Mar City Port Russia
Nevelsk RUNEV Feeder Port  Nevelsk City Port Russia
Nizhnekamsk RUNIZ  Dry Port Nizhnekamsk City Port Russia
Nakhodka RUNJK Feeder Port  Nakhodka City Port Russia
Novorossiysk RUNVS Feeder Port  Novorossijsk City Port Russia
Noro SBNOR Feeder Port  Noro City Port Solomon Islands
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