Nieuwpoort (BENIE)

Port Code BENIE City Nieuwpoort
Port Name Nieuwpoort Country/Region Belgium
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Nieuwpoort (BENIE)



      Canal port in Western Belgium. The standard time of East Zone 1 is adopted in winter, and the standard time of East Zone 2 is adopted in summer. The maximum draft is 4.88 meters. The water loading density is 1025. The tide is 5.0 meters high. Southwest wind prevails in summer and northeast wind prevails in winter. Forced pilotage. The port has no holidays and works 24 hours a day. Port service facilities are: fuel, fresh water, supplies, medical treatment, repatriation, no ship repair, dry dock, boats, traction, sewage facilities. The port is a specialized port for importing coarse ore and sand. The Quay Line is 1200 meters long, and the largest ship that can be accepted is 75 meters with a draft of 4.88 meters.

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Summary of BENIE

The Nieuwpoort tidal harbour (Port Code:BENIE) at the Yser estuary is the only natural harbour and smallest port on the Belgian coast. Nieuwpoort is known for its high quality fresh fish and shrimps. The marina was expanded due to the increasing popularity of water sports, which has made it the largest marina on the northern European coast.
Nieuwpoort is a small port, 2.4km up the River Yser, 15nm ENE of Dunkerque. The harbour entrance is formed by two parallel piers running northwest/southeast, giving access to the inner harbour through a straight channel. There is a general cargo quay, a fishing harbour for up to 35 fishing boats and a yachting harbour for up to 2,000 yachts.