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Nice (FRNCE)

Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur Region, France

Port Code FRNCE Port Name Nice
City Nice Country/Region France
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 43.6942 Longitude 7.2865
The Port of Nice (Port Code:FRNCE) is one of the key infrastructural hubs of Nice and, in fact, of the entire French Riviera, standing out as one of the main harbors for the boats which sail across the Mediterranean Sea. It accommodates both the ships operated by certain ferry companies and the private yachts of tourists who come to Nice by sea, on their own water craft.
The port of Nice is protected by a breakwater to the south which is an extension of the Admiral Infernet Quay; consisting of the Commercial, Admiral and Lympia Basins, the latter is used by yachts. Other berths handle ferries, general and dry bulks, including cereals. The port is also an important yacht resort, with the associated bunkering and repair facilities.
The main two ferry companies which operate at Port de Nice are SNCM (Societe Nationale Maritime Corse Mediterranee) and Corsica Ferries. The former offers wider connections (since its maritime terminals are spread virtually throughout the Mediterranean), whereas the latter focuses on trips to Corsica and Sardinia (though in respect to the maritime connections to Nice, Corsica remains the only destination).

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