Port of NRINU

Nauru Island Port (NRINU)

Port Code NRINU City Nauru
Port Name NAURU ISLAND Country/Region Nauru
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Nauru Island Port (NRINU)


      Port of Aron, capital of Nauru. There is no limit to the maximum draught. The loading density of water is 1025. The tidal range is 7-8m, and the east wind prevails. Compulsory pilotage without charge. Communication by radio Nauru, call sign "czn", can use radio VHF 16, 12 channels. The working hours are 7:00-16:30 (Monday to Friday). You can work overtime as needed. There is no draught limit, the maximum allowable length is 192 meters, and the maximum width of the hull is 27.43 meters. Port service facilities are: ship repair, boat, medical, supplies, repatriation, dry dock, traction, sewage, fresh water. However, fresh water supply can be limited in case of emergency. The ship is moored to a deep water buoy on the west side of the island. Ships carrying hydrochloric acid in bulk are towed to a certain position and loaded directly from one of the two phosphate plants. Each plant has two cantilever loaders. The loading rate of each cantilever loader in No.1 phosphate plant is 1000 t / h, and that in No.2 phosphate plant is 1500 T / h. The general cargo is discharged into the power barge by the ship's installation. Limited container handling equipment available. During the loading period, the daily loading rate is 5000 tons / sunny working day.

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Summary of NRINU

The Nauru International Port (Port Code: NRINU) is a seaport which is currently under construction on Nauru in the Pacific Ocean. With an anticipated opening in 2021, it will become the country's first international seaport and improve commerce and connectivity for the island nation. The $79.59 million USD project will be a climate change-proof port which will be vital in receiving necessary supplies such as fuel, food, and medical supplies. The new port, which was originally expected to open in December 2020, is anticipated to fit Nauru's needs until at least 2050.
Nauru had planned for a large, maritime port for over a century. To receive supplies, large ships would dock offshore and ferry cargo containers to the 111-year-old Aiwo Boat Harbor in a process that was unsafe, difficult, and inefficient.
After the project was greenlighted in September 2019, construction of the port began the following month at the site of the aged harbor with funding from the Asian Development Bank, Green Climate Fund, the governments of Australia and Nauru, and the Nauru Sustainable and Climate Resilient Connectivity Project. In preparation for the anticipated 2021 opening sixty local workers were trained in modern port practices such as safety, maintenance and stevedoring.

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