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Natal (BRNAT)

Natal, State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Port Code BRNAT Port Name Natal
City Natal Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
The Port of Natal (Port Code: BRNAT) is South America’s closest port to the European continent which is located in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, on the Potengi River. Inaugurated on January 14, 1922, the port is administered by CODERN (Companhia Docas do Rio Grande do Norte), and today has a strong focus on the export of fruit.
The Terminal operates 3 Reach Stackers and 1 empty container handler. CODERN, the Natal Port Authority, has 415 reefer plugs. Since there is no Reefer Chamber, any eventual customs inspections are made using 40’ reefer unit. Whilst the main focus of traffic is fruit, the port also handles Ferrous Waste, Mica and Cotton Textiles.

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