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Nea Karvali (GRNKA)

Kavala, East Macedonia and Thrace Region, Greece

Port Code GRNKA / GRNKV Port Name Nea Karvali
City Kavala Country/Region Greece
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 40.947825 Longitude 24.47653
Nea Karvali port (Port Code:GRNKA) is artificial and is located in front of the factory of phosphoric fertilizers, at the head of the bay of Tsarí, approximately a mile northeast from the village of Néa Karváli. The port consists of a pier, the west side of which is covered with quays, while the east one is protected by natural rock rocks.
The pier extends approximately 300 m towards the south and a light exhibits on its head. The depths at the pier’s west side can reach up to 10.5 m and decrease up to 5 m close to its base. The sea bottom is muddy. Upon the pier there are 5 movable cranes. The port’s loading and unloading facilities are used for unloading the raw materials as well as for loading products, which are produced to the phosphoric fertilizers factory.
The port can be approached by vessels up to 190 m long and with a maximum draught of 8.1 m. A small stone mole is located approximately 550 m southwest of the pier’s root and extends to the southeast for 270 m. Upon its head there are natural rocks that extend to the south to a distance up to 30 m from the coast.

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