Georgetown (KYGEC)

Port Code KYGEC City Georgetown
Port Name Georgetown,KY Country/Region United Kingdom
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Georgetown (KYGEC)



      George city is located in Hogarth Bay on the southwest coast of Grand Cayman Island in the west of the Cayman Islands, on the northwest side of the Caribbean Sea. It is the largest port in the Cayman Islands.

      Port George has a tropical rainforest climate.The annual average temperature is about 21 ℃.The annual average rainfall is about 1400mm.The whole archipelago is located in the hurricane area. Its economy is dominated by financial services and tourism.There are many banks and companies here. Many famous financial institutions in Europe and America set up semicolons here. Many tourists come here to handle financial and insurance business.The main export goods are turtle meat, leather, shells and fishery products. The main import goods are grain, textiles, food transportation equipment and building materials.The main trade object is the United States. The goods imported from the United States account for about 75% of the total imports. Other countries include the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan.Generally, they do not work during holidays unless the port authority considers it necessary.George port is about 6km away from the airport, with flights to Houston, Miami and Kingston.

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Summary of KYGEC

Georgetown port (port code: KYGEC) is a medium-sized port situated at the west end of Grand Cayman.
The port handles mainly containerized goods with some bulk cargo. It handles approximately 508,800t of cargo and 39,000TEU annually.
About 821,156 passengers visit the port each year. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are sailing vessels, accounting for about 58%, and tankers, taking up around 17%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 190 meters. The maximum draught is 11.2 meters. The maximum deadweight is 51,542t.