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Glasgow (GBGLW)

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Port Code GBGLW Port Name Glasgow
City Glasgow Country/Region United Kingdom
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 55.869905 Longitude -4.336425
Glasgow Port (Port Code: GBGLW) is a port standing on the south bank of the River Clyde 18 miles north-west of the centre of Glasgow. It is the second largest of the three towns in Inverclyde, the largest being Greenock, which shares its riverside setting and can be found three miles further north-west. The town is well served by the A8 dual carriageway road, which runs along the river valley.
Originally a fishing hamlet named Newark, Port Glasgow came about as large ships were unable to navigate the shallow and meandering River Clyde to the centre of the city of Glasgow. Hence, it served as a remote port for Glasgow in 1668, and became known as 'New Port Glasgow', which was shortened to 'Port Glasgow' in 1775. Port Glasgow was home to dry docks and shipbuilding beginning in 1762.

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