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Guam (GUGUM)

Guam, Guam, USA

Port Code GUGUM Port Name Guam
City Guam Country/Region USA GU
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 13.444465 Longitude 144.6515
The Port of Guam (Port Code: GUGUM), officially Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port, is a port located in the north of Apra Harbor on Cabras Island. Sharing harbor waters with Naval Base Guam and two small marinas, it handles over ninety percent of total imports to the United States island territory of Guam. Family Beach on the Glass Breakwater is owned by the Port Authority of Guam, as well as numerous other water recreational businesses leased by the Authority. The Port Authority of Guam is aiming to build the world-class container terminal port of the Western Pacific Region, offering facilities and services to ships of all registries.

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