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Floro (NOFLO)

Floro, Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway

Port Code NOFLO / NOFRO Port Name Floro
City Floro Country/Region Norway
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 61.5964985 Longitude 5.03550005
Floro Port (Port Code: NOFLO/NOFRO) is a small harbor situated between Bergen and Aalesund. It is the westernmost port in Norway. It handles a million tonnes of cargo annually, mainly for the fish industries in the area; also general cargo, bulk and small amounts of molasses, timber and minerals.
Fuglekjar Terminal can handle container and Ro-Ro vessels. There are numerous private wharves available. There is a shipyard and Fjord Base, an offshore oil industry logistics provider. There is a granite loading quarry approx 10km North of Floro at Bremanger. Principal imports are steel, steel products (oil well casing from Japan), grain and fish oil, while frozen fish is the main export.
The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 250 meters. The maximum draught is 10.5 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 40,000t.

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