Fao Port (IQFAO)

Port Code IQFAO City Fao
Port Name FAO Country/Region Iraq
Category Port City Route MIDDLE EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Fao Port (IQFAO)


      This is Iraq's major oil export port.It is located in the northwest end of the Persian Gulf, Southeast of the faao Peninsula and the South Bank of the Arabian River Estuary;Outside the mouth of the Arabian River, there are Khor al Amaya and albakar.Faao offshore oil terminal has four oil loading berths, each of which is 206 meters long and 10.75 meters deep. It can accommodate oil tankers with a length of 210 meters and a draft of 10.65 meters. Its rear is connected with the oil storage area of 23 storage tanks.Haor amah oil terminal is 22 nautical miles away from faao and is connected by two oil storage areas.Haor Amaya has a wharf 22 nautical miles away from faao. It has two oil loading berths with a water depth of 22 meters. It can dock 330000 DWT oil tankers at most.Albuquer oil terminal is 28 nautical miles southeast of faao. It has two berths with a total of four berths. The water depth is 29.30 meters and it can dock 350000 DWT oil tankers.The annual oil transportation capacity of Hong Kong is over 100 million tons.However, the port was damaged in the Iran Iraq war. Since August 1990, it was sanctioned by the United Nations for its invasion of Kuwait and its crude oil export was interrupted.Iraq is rich in oil resources.At the end of 1989, the proved oil reserves were 13.6 billion tons, second only to Saudi Arabia.More than 2 / 3 of them are distributed in Rumaila and majianongda oilfields in the south.In 1989, the output of crude oil increased to 175 million tons.Most of them are for export.There is an oil pipeline connecting the oil field behind the port.There is a highway connecting FAO Basra;The distance from the Strait of faao Hormuz to the port of Kelun Po is 2290 nautical miles.

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Summary of IQFAO

Fao port (port code: IQFAO) is a major oil export port in Iraq. It is located at the south-east end of the Al-Faw Peninsula on the right bank of the Shatt al-Arab, a few kilometres away from the Persian Gulf.
There are four oil loading berths in this port. However, the port was damaged in the Iran-Iraq war. Its crude oil export was interrupted since 1990 because of US sanction. Before that, in 1989, the output of crude oil was 175 million tons.