Les Cayes (HTACA)

Port Code HTACA City Les Cayes
Port Name Les Cayes Country/Region Haiti
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Les Cayes (HTACA)



      A port on the Caribbean coast in the southwest of Haiti, the capital of the southern province. It is on the South Bank of tibolone Peninsula, 150 km northeast of Port au Prince. The population is 23000 (1982). It was built in 1786 and rebuilt in 1908. It is an important port in the south, exporting sugar, coffee, timber, etc. There are sugar, wine and other industries. There are mineral springs nearby. The road links Remy and Port au Prince.

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Summary of HTACA

The port of Les Cayes (Port Code:HTACA) is one of Haiti's major ports, with export trade concentrating on mostly coffee and sugarcane due to its isolation from the political turmoil of the capital. It is a small port operated under the supervision of APN in the Sud Departement of Haiti, next to the town of Les Cayes. Located on the southern west coast of the country, it is mainly used to transport building materials (cement) and other supplies to supply the town market. It is also used to receive supplies coming directly from the International Port of Miragoâne. 
The location of the port in the south of the island allows greater access to west-southern areas of the country in an emergency. However, there is no storage capacity on site and cargo traffic to Haiti is only moved through the port sporadically.