Luderitz (NALUD)

Port Code NALUD City Luderitz
Port Name Luderitz Country/Region Namibia
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Luderitz (NALUD)



      A port on the Atlantic coast of southwestern Namibia. The maximum draft of Roberts Bay is 7.3 meters, and that of Menai Bay is 5.64 meters. The loading density of water is 1025. The maximum high tide range is 1.35M and the minimum low tide range is 0.59m. The southwest wind prevails and the port is forced to pilot. VHF channel 16 is used for communication. The port special regulations stipulate that the ports of Namibia and the Republic of South Africa shall be subject to SAR provisions. Draught is restricted. See Walvis Bay for the documents required for ships entering the port. Port service facilities are: ship repair, small boats, medical, fresh water, supplies, repatriation, no fuel, dry dock, traction, sewage. The two-way jetty is 155 meters long in the north and 2.6-6.5 meters deep in the water, and 180 meters long in the South and 1.8-6.3 meters deep in the water. The dock is 20 meters wide. The average water depth in the harbor is 6.5m.

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Summary of NALUD

The Port of Lüderitz (Port Code:NALUD) is Namibia's second port and is developed around Robert Harbour and Shark Island which lies on one of the least hospitable coasts in Africa. Cargo landed consisted mainly of fuel and fish products. Exports were predominantly fish products. The latest available statistics are for the fiscal year 2011/12 which indicated that the Port of Luderitz then handled 311,920 tonnes of cargo of all types which included 2,724 container TEUs. The number of ship calls for that year was 940. 
Since Namport took over the administration of Luderitz from South Africa, considerable investment has begun to improve the port and its facilities. This has included dredging the approach channel to the harbour as well as the 198m wide turning basin to -8.15m CD and the water alongside the new quay to -8.75m CD for the first 300m. The length of the entrance channel to the jetty is 708m with a width of 60.9m. The concrete quay has a depth alongside of -6.1m CD.
The largest vessel permitted is 150m, with a draught of 8.15m and a DWT of 5,000t. Larger ships may be handled with the permission of harbour authorities. Port Control operates between the hours of 07.00 and 17.00, with the nearby Diaz Point Lighthouse providing direct communications to the port 24 hours a day. Otherwise the port works Monday to Friday 06.00 to 18.00, Saturday 06.00 to 12.00 - overtime on request.