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Loctudy (FRLOC)

Loctudy, Brittany Region, France

Port Code FRLOC Port Name Loctudy
City Loctudy Country/Region France
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 47.8314 Longitude -4.1717
Loctudy Port(Port Code: FRLOC)is located in France at 47.8381N, 4.1723W.
With 657 vessels and 65 guest areas, The Loctudy Pier can accommodate your stopovers. Sixty-five locations are available for your use. The harbour is reserved for vessels under 15 metres. Be careful. The maximum suction is 3.5 meters.
Arriving from the West or the South, follow the large channel of Bénodet, indicated by the alignment at 0.5 ° of the lighthouses of the tip of Combrit (3 + 1 occultations / 12 seconds) and Bénodet (2 + 1 occultations / 12 seconds), until entering the white sector of the fire of the tip of Langoz (4 flashes / 12 seconds).

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