Walvis Bay (NAWVB)

Port Code NAWVB City Walvis Bay
Port Name Walvis Bay Country/Region Namibia
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Walvis Bay (NAWVB)



      Walvis Bay, also known as whale Bay, is an integral part of the territory of the Republic of Namibia in southern Africa. Located on the central and western coast of Namibia, it is the only deep-water port in Namibia and the only deep-water port on the Atlantic coast with a length of two to three thousand kilometers from Lobito in Angola to Cape Town in South Africa. Walvis is the second largest city in Namibia and the fifth largest port in southern Africa, with a population of 30000. It is a modern port, capable of berthing 30000 ton ships, with an annual throughput of more than 1 million tons. Walvis Bay is the maritime center of Namibia, from which 90% of the marine cargo is loaded and unloaded; It is also a major import and export center and an important commercial and Trade Center; It is also the largest fishing center in Namibia, with a concentration of Namibia's major fishing fleet, shipbuilding and fish processing industries. Walvis has a railway connecting with the capital Windhoek and the major mining areas, as well as an all-weather airport. The water, land and air transportation is convenient, which is rare among the major cities in Namibia. Therefore, Walvis Bay is the throat of the country and has an important strategic position. In recent years, a large number of oil resources have been discovered in the port area and nearby areas, which indicates that the economy of Walvis will have new development.

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Summary of NAWVB

Walvis Bay Port (Port Code: NAWVB) is the principal port of Namibia situated on the west coast of southern Africa. Operated by Namibian Port Authority (Namport), it is the biggest commercial port in Namibia. It offers direct access to main shipping routes serving international trade. The length of the entrance channel is 5.2 nautical miles, width 134m, depth -14m CD. Ships can anchor within port limits, and are protected by the bay. The port is a compulsory pilotage area. Requests for pilots need to be directed to the Port Captain prior to arrival. In 2011 the port handled a total of 6,210,285 tonnes. This included a total of 334,410 TEUs. 1625 ships called at Walvis Bay in that year.