Weipa (AUWEI)

Port Code AUWEI City Weipa
Port Name Weipa Country/Region Australia QLD
Category Port City Route AUSTRALIA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Weipa (AUWEI)



      Australian bauxite export port. Located in albatross Bay, northwest of York Peninsula in the north of the country, it is near the Gulf of pentalla in arafrahyka in the West and near Torres Strait in the northeast. The port is located on the North Bank of Embley estuary, and the main wharf is: Lorin corner wharf, which is a T-shaped breakwater, with two berths at the top: new berth in the southeast, 310 meters long; The northwest is an old berth with a length of 250 meters and water depth of 12.5m. It is used for loading bauxite and porcelain soil export. The efficiency of loaders is 6000 and 3500 tons per hour, and ore storage yard is set at the rear; The Evans iandi oil terminal, located in the southeast of ore terminal, also presents a "t" breakwater. The top berth line is 210 meters, and the water depth is 9.6m. There are 203 mm oil pipelines connected with onshore oil tanks for export of oil; Humbey corner wharf, located in the northwest of Ore Wharf, is 207 meters long and 8.1m deep, which is used for the import and export of general merchandise. The port serves mainly for nearby mines.

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Summary of AUWEI

The Port of Weipa (Port Code: AUWEI) is a port situated approximately 200km south from the tip of Cape York on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula and 800km by road from Cairns. It is economically significant to the local township and broader region. It handles more than 30 million tonnes of product per annum. Its principal export is bauxite from the Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) mine, the majority of which is shipped to the RTA refinery at Gladstone. Rio Tinto’s world-leading operations at the port include major onshore bauxite handling, processing and stockpiling facilities. Its conveyors run to two wharves, Lorim Point East and Lorim Point West for ship loading.