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Jask (IRJSK)

Jask, Hormozgan, Iran

Port Code IRJSK / IRJAK Port Name Jask
City Jask Country/Region Iran
Port Type Category Port City
Latitude 25.649495 Longitude 57.770105
The port of Jask (Port Code:IRJSK) is a small port on the western part of Iran's coast along the Gulf of Oman. However, over the last few years it has seen a steady growth of its export freight flows to Oman, mostly agricultural products, including refrigerated, and construction materials.
Major developments for the port of Jask were announced by Iranian authorities in early 2019, i.e. the construction of a new terminal for oil tankers for a total investment of US$700 million, to be followed by the construction of a refinery and of a petrochemical plant. These developments are part of a total investment of US$1.8 billion centered on the construction of a new oil pipeline from Goreh, Bushehr to Jask in order to pump and export oil from Northern Iran.
When these investments are completed in Jask, they will contribute to developing Iran's southern regional economy, as is already the case further east at Chabahar Port, and to facilitating exports through ports which do not require ships to enter the Persian Gulf through the Hormuz Strait.

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