Port List by Port code starting with K

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Eldoret KEEDL  Dry Port Eldoret City Port Kenya
Kisumu KEKIS   Kisumu City Port Kenya
Lamu KELAU Feeder Port  Lamu City Port Kenya
Mombasa KEMBAMain Port   Mombasa City Port Kenya
Malindi KEMYD Feeder Port  Malindi City Port Kenya
Nairobi KENBO  Dry Port Nairobi City Port Kenya
Nakuru KENUU  Dry Port Nakuru City Port Kenya
Vanga KEVGA   Vanga City Port Kenya
Bishkek KGBIS  Dry Port Bishkek City Port Kyrgyzstan
Osh KGOSH  Dry Port Osh City Port Kyrgyzstan
Koh Kong KHKKZ Feeder Port  Koh Kong City Port Cambodia
Kompong Som KHKOS Feeder Port  Sihanoukville City Port Cambodia
Phnom Penh KHPNH Feeder Port  Phnom Penh City Port Cambodia
Siem Reap KHREP Feeder Port  Siem Reap City Port Cambodia
Sihanoukville KHSIHMain Port   Sihanoukville City City Port Cambodia
Fanning Island KIFNI   Tabuaeran City Port Kiribati
Tarawa Island KITAI Feeder Port  Tarawa City Port Kiribati
Betio KITRW Feeder Port  Tarawa Port Kiribati
Fomboni KMFOM Feeder Port  Fomboni City Port Comoros
Mutsamudu KMMUT Feeder Port  Mutsamudu City Port Comoros
Moroni KMYVA Feeder Port  Moroni City Port Comoros
Basseterre KNBAS Feeder Port  Basseterre City Port Saint Kitts and Nevis
Charlestown(Nevis) KNCHA Feeder Port  Charlestown City Port Saint Kitts and Nevis
Chinnampo KPCHI Feeder Port  Chinnampo City Port Korea, North
Chongjin KPCHO Feeder Port  Chongjin City Port Korea, North
Haeju KPHAE Feeder Port  Haeju City Port Korea, North
Hungnam KPHGM Feeder Port  Hungnam City Port Korea, North
Nampo KPNAM Feeder Port  Nampo City Port Korea, North
Rajin KPRAJ Feeder Port  Rajin City Port Korea, North
Wonsan KPWON Feeder Port  Wonsan City Port Korea, North
Changhang KRCHG Feeder Port  Gunsan Port Korea, South
Chinhae KRCHI   Chinhae City Port Korea, South
Cheju KRCJU Feeder Port  Cheju City Port Korea, South
Inchon KRICHMain Port   Incheon City Port Korea, South
Kwangyang KRKAN Feeder Port  Kwangyang City Port Korea, South
Geoje KRKJE Feeder Port  Geoje City Port Korea, South
Pohang KRKPO Feeder Port  Pohang City Port Korea, South
Gunsan KRKUV Feeder Port  Gunsan City Port Korea, South
Masan KRMAS Feeder Port  Changwon Port Korea, South
Mokpo KRMOK Feeder Port  Mokpo City Port Korea, South
Mukho KRMUK Feeder Port  Donghae Port Korea, South
Pyeongtaek KRPTK Feeder Port  Pyeongtaek City Port Korea, South
Busan KRPUSMain Port   Busan City Port Korea, South
Samcheok KRSAM Feeder Port  Samcheok City Port Korea, South
Seoul KRSEL  Dry Port Seoul City Port Korea, South
Donghae KRTGH Feeder Port  Donghae City Port Korea, South
Daejeon KRTJN  Dry Port Daejeon City Port Korea, South
Daesan KRTSN Feeder Port  Daesan City Port Korea, South
Ulsan KRUSN Feeder Port  Ulsan City Port Korea, South
Yeosu KRYOS Feeder Port  Yeosu City Port Korea, South
Khor Al Mufatta KWKAM Feeder Port  Khiran Pearl City Port Kuwait
Kuwait KWKWIMain Port   Kuwait City City Port Kuwait
Mena Abdulla KWMAB Feeder Port  Al Ahmadi Port Kuwait
Mena Al Ahmadi KWMEA Feeder Port  Al Ahmadi City Port Kuwait
Mena Saud KWMSD Feeder Port  Khiran Pearl City Port Kuwait
Shuaiba KWSAA Feeder Port  Shuaiba City Port Kuwait
Shuwaikh KWSWH Feeder Port  Kuwait City Port Kuwait
Cayman Brac KYCYB Feeder Port  Cayman Brac City Port United Kingdom
Georgetown,KY KYGEC Feeder Port  Georgetown City Port United Kingdom
Grand Cayman KYGRA Feeder Port  Grand Cayman City Port United Kingdom
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