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Kompong Som (KHKOS)

Sihanoukville City, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

Port Code KHKOS Port Name Kompong Som
City Sihanoukville City Country/Region Cambodia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 10.633055555556 Longitude 103.5
Kompong Som (Port Code:KHKOS), also known as Sihanoukville, is situated in the Bay of Kompong Som and the south Gulf of Thailand. The port has facilities for 4 vessels of 10,000DWT or 6 of 4,000DWT and 4 small vessels of less than 7.0m draught. There is a tanker facility at Pointe du Depart, north of the main port, for small tankers of 60m LOA and 4.2m draught. A deep tanker terminal can receive tankers of 9.2m draught and there is a CBM for tankers of no more than LOA 110m, draught 5.6-6.0m. Max size: General Cargo vessels: LOA 150m, draught 8.5m. Tanker Terminal: Draught 9.2m. CBM: LOA 110m, draught 6.0m.

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