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Koh Kong (KHKKZ)

Koh Kong, Koh Kong, Cambodia

Port Code KHKKZ Port Name Koh Kong
City Koh Kong Country/Region Cambodia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 11.60423 Longitude 102.9752
The Koh Kong provincial port (port code: KHKKZ) is a medium-sized port in southwestern Cambodia. Situated near the Thai border, it is used by small boats, below 500t in terms of deadweight.
This port is really a system of three ports. Vessels entering Cambodia from Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand call first at Paklong, on the Gulf of Siam about 15 kilometers from the Thai border, for customs clearance and other formalities. Up to 300-tonne capacity boats can be accepted, or 500 tonnes at anchorage. The 300-tonne boats can then proceed across the bay to Koh Kong town for unloading or transhipment to smaller vessels if required.
Because Koh Kong has no road access to the rest of Cambodia, after clearance most boats proceed go to another provincial port al Sre Ambel. Sre Ambel can only accept 120-130 tonne boats, however. Traffic that arrives at Koh Kong in larger boats must be transhipped between vessels at Paklong or Koh Kong town.
This port has limited facilities and are very congested. There is some warehousing in Koh Kong town to support the transhipment activity. The port is also a quite an important fishing port, from which about 16,000 tonnes were exported to Thailand in 1993.

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