Port List by Port code starting with B

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Sarajevo BASJJ  Dry Port Sarajevo City Port Bosnia and Herzegovina
Barbados BBBAR Feeder Port  Barbados City Port Barbados
Bridgetown BBBGI Feeder Port  Bridgetown City Port Barbados
Chittagong BDCGPMain Port   Chattogram(Chittagong) City Port Bangladesh
Chalna BDCHL Feeder Port  Mongla Port Bangladesh
Chalna BDCHL Feeder Port  Mongla Port Bangladesh
Chalna Anchorage BDCNA Feeder Port  Mongla City Port Bangladesh
Dhaka BDDACMain Port Feeder Port  Dhaka City Port Bangladesh
ICD Kamalapur BDKAM  Dry Port Dhaka Port Bangladesh
Khulna BDKHL Feeder Port  Khulna City Port Bangladesh
Mongla BDMON Feeder Port  Mongla City Port Bangladesh
Pangaon BDPGN Feeder Port  Dhaka Port Bangladesh
Antwerp BEANRMain Port   Antwerpen City Port Belgium
Bruges BEBRS Feeder Port  Brugge City Port Belgium
Brussel BEBRU  Dry Port Brussels City Port Belgium
Gent BEGNE Feeder Port  Gent City Port Belgium
Hemiksem BEHEM Feeder Port  Hemiksem City Port Belgium
Liege BELGE Feeder Port  Liege City Port Belgium
Nieuwpoort BENIE Feeder Port  Nieuwpoort City Port Belgium
Oostende BEOST Feeder Port  Oostende City Port Belgium
Zeebrugge BEZEEMain Port   Brugge Port Belgium
Bobo Dioulasso BFBOY  Dry Port Bobo Dioulasso City Port Burkina Faso
Koudougou BFKOU  Dry Port Koudougou City Port Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou BFOUA  Dry Port Ouagadougou City Port Burkina Faso
Balchik BGBAL Feeder Port  Balchik City Port Bulgaria
Burgas BGBGS Feeder Port  Burgas City Port Bulgaria
Kavarna BGKAN   Kavarna City Port Bulgaria
Nessebar BGNES Feeder Port  Nessebar City Port Bulgaria
Montana BGOZA  Dry Port Montana City Port Bulgaria
Plovdiv BGPDV  Dry Port Plovdiv City Port Bulgaria
Sofia BGSOF  Dry Port Sofia City Port Bulgaria
Sozopol BGSOZ Feeder Port  Sozopol City Port Bulgaria
Varna BGVAR Feeder Port  Varna City Port Bulgaria
Bahrain BHBAH Feeder Port  Manama Port Bahrain
Khalifa Bin Salman Port BHKBS Feeder Port  Al Hidd Port Bahrain
Al Manatnah BHMAN Feeder Port  Manama Port Bahrain
Mina Sulman BHMIN Feeder Port  Manama Port Bahrain
Sitra BHSIT   Sitra City Port Bahrain
Bujumbura BIBUJ  Dry Port Bujumbura City Port Burundi
Cotonou BJCOOMain Port   Cotonou City Port Benin
Parakou BJPAR  Dry Port Parakou City Port Benin
Porto Novo BJPTN Feeder Port  Porto Novo City Port Benin
Hamilton,BM BMBDA Feeder Port  Hamilton City Port United Kingdom
Freeport BMFPT Feeder Port  Southampton Port United Kingdom
Bandar Seri Begawan BNBWN Feeder Port  Bandar Seri Begawan City Port Brunei
Kuala Belait BNKBT Feeder Port  Kuala Belait City Port Brunei
Muara BNMUAMain Port   Muara City Port Brunei
Seria BNSER Feeder Port  Seria City Port Brunei
Tanjong Salirong BNTSG Feeder Port  Pulau Selirong Port Brunei
Cochabamba BOCBB  Dry Port Cochabamba City Port Bolivia
La Paz BOLPZ  Dry Port La Paz City Port Bolivia
Santa Cruz BOSRZ  Dry Port Santa Cruz de la Sierra City Port Bolivia
Kralendijk BQKRA Feeder Port  Kralendijk City Port Netherlands
Saba BQSAB   Saba City Port Netherlands
Areia Branca BRABA Feeder Port  Areia Branca City Port Brazil
Angra Dos Reis BRADR Feeder Port  Angra Dos Reis City Port Brazil
Aracaju BRAJU Feeder Port  Aracaju City Port Brazil
Aratu BRATU Feeder Port  Aratu City Port Brazil
Belem BRBEL Feeder Port  Belem City Port Brazil
Belo Horizonte BRBHZ  Dry Port Belo Horizonte City Port Brazil
Porto Seguro BRBPS Feeder Port  Porto Seguro City Port Brazil
Brasilia BRBSB  Dry Port Brasilia City Port Brazil
Cabedelo BRCAB Feeder Port  Cabedelo City Port Brazil
Curitiba BRCWB  Dry Port Curitiba City Port Brazil
Florianopolis BRFLO   Florianopolis City Port Brazil
Fortaleza BRFOR Feeder Port  Fortaleza City Port Brazil
Imbituba BRIBB Feeder Port  Imbituba City Port Brazil
Itapoa BRIOAMain Port   Itapoa City Port Brazil
Ilheus BRIOS Feeder Port  Ilheus City Port Brazil
Itaqui BRIQI Feeder Port  Itaqui Port Brazil
Itaguai BRITG Feeder Port  Itaguai City Port Brazil
Itajai BRITJMain Port   Itajai City Port Brazil
Joao Pessoa BRJPA Feeder Port  Joao Pessoa City Port Brazil
Manaus BRMAO Feeder Port  Manaus City Port Brazil
Macapa BRMCP Feeder Port  Macapa City Port Brazil
Maceio BRMCZ Feeder Port  Maceio City Port Brazil
Macae BRMEA Feeder Port  Macae City Port Brazil
Natal BRNAT Feeder Port  Natal City Port Brazil
Novo Hamburgo BRNHO  Dry Port Novo Hamburgo City Port Brazil
Niteroi BRNTR Feeder Port  Niteroi City Port Brazil
Navegantes BRNVT Feeder Port  Navegantes City Port Brazil
Parnaiba BRPBA  Dry Port Parnaiba City Port Brazil
Ponta Do Ubu BRPDU Feeder Port  Guarapari Port Brazil
Pecem BRPEC Feeder Port  Pecem City Port Brazil
Pelotas BRPET Feeder Port  Pelotas City Port Brazil
Paranagua BRPNGMain Port   Paranagua City Port Brazil
Porto Alegre BRPOA Feeder Port  Porto Alegre City Port Brazil
Portocel BRPOR Feeder Port  Barra do Riacho Port Brazil
Guarulhos BRQCV  Dry Port Guarulhos City Port Brazil
Canoas BRQNS  Dry Port Canoas City Port Brazil
Recife BRREC Feeder Port  Recife City Port Brazil
Rio Grande BRRIGMain Port   Rio Grande City Port Brazil
Rio de Janeiro BRRIOMain Port   Rio de Janeiro City Port Brazil
Sao Francisco Do Sul BRSFS Feeder Port  Sao Francisco Do Sul City Port Brazil
Sao Luiz de Maranhao BRSLM Feeder Port  Sao Luis Port Brazil
Sao Luis BRSLZ Feeder Port  Sao Luis City Port Brazil
Sao Paulo BRSPA  Dry Port Sao Paulo City Port Brazil
Sepetiba BRSPB Feeder Port  Rio de Janeiro Port Brazil
Salvador BRSSA Feeder Port  Salvador City Port Brazil
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