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Manaus (BRMAO)

Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil

Port Code BRMAO Port Name Manaus
City Manaus Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -3.1440285 Longitude -59.99597
The Port of Manaus (Port Code:BRMAO) is an important commercial center for ocean-going vessels traveling the Amazon, which is located on the Rio Negro in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. In fact, it is the main transport hub for the entire upper Amazon basin. It imports beef from the hinterlands and exports hides and leather. Important industries in the Port of Manaus include manufacturing of soap, chemicals, electronics equipment as well as shipbuilding, brewing, and petroleum refining.
Several mobile phone companies have manufacturing plants in the Port of Manaus, and other major electronics manufacturers have plants there. Major exports include Brazil nuts, chemicals, petroleum, electrical equipment, and forest products, and eco-tourism is an increasingly important source of income for the city. The recent discovery of petroleum in the area brings great promise of further wealth and commerce to the Port of Manaus.

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