Mina Sulman Port (BHMIN)

Port Code BHMIN City Manama
Port Name MANAMA>MINA SULMAN Country/Region Bahrain
Category Port Route MIDDLE EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Mina Sulman Port (BHMIN)


      It is a modern commercial port in the Middle East Gulf states of Bahrain. Located 2.5 km off the northeast coast of the country, a small island southeast between the islands of muharrag. The island is connected with the existing seawall of the island, which becomes the maritime gateway of the capital Manama. Outside the port, there is a long dike extending from the southeast of muharrag island and a breakwater extending from the northeast of Bahrain island. The port was built in the early 1960s. There is an 800m long arm shaped jetty in the southeast of the port area. There are 10 berths along the side, which can be used for berthing passing ships with draught of more than 9m. Orthogonal to the heel of the jetty is a large jetty extending to the northeast. On the southeast side of the jetty, there are six berths with length of 200m and water depth of 11m, four of which are used for groceries and two for containers. To the west of the two jetties is the coastal ship wharf with a water depth of 5.5-7.4 meters. In addition, there is a large boat harbor. There are shipyards in the south of the port area, which are built by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Liberia, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the two largest shipyards in the Gulf.

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Summary of BHMIN

Mina Sulman (Port Code:BHMIN) is a seaport located in Manama, Bahrain. Mina Salman was a natural harbour prior to the establishment in 1962 of the port covering 80 hectares. It is the primary cargo port and customs point of Bahrain. The port has 15 container berths, enabling it to handle 2.5 million tonnes a year. The port is named after Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa I, the grandfather of the current King.
The port is part of the Maritime Silk Road that runs from the Chinese coast to the south via the southern tip of India to Mombasa, from there through the Red Sea via the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean, there to the Upper Adriatic region to the northern Italian hub of Trieste with its rail connections to Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the North Sea.
The port consists of an 800m finger pier, which comprises 10 berths. Three additional 200m conventional berths are located next to the finger pier and two 300m container berths with a depth of 11m. An Outer arm quay of 285m, alongside a 7m depth draught and storage space consists of 10 sheds plus additional open storage and container storage areas totaling 538,000m sq, are present. The cargo handling area covers an area of 60,000m sq.