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Maceio (BRMCZ)

Maceio, State of Alagoas, Brazil

Port Code BRMCZ Port Name Maceio
City Maceio Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Maceio harbour (Port Code:BRMCZ) lies to the north of the city and is the most sheltered natural harbour between Recife and Salvador. There is no bar; the bay lies open to the south with depths of 11-16m close in. A breakwater 3,000m in length in the form of an inverted "L" has been built southwest of reefs and enclosing a large area of calm water, with the entrance to this pool facing northwest. The port has a total of 6 berths, 4 used for general cargo and 2 for sugar. The Maritime Terminal is used for chemical products owned by Salgema Industrias Quimicas and consists of an "L" shaped pier which projects 0.6nm from the shore 4nm of Ponta Verde. The principal imports are fertilizers, frozen fish, maize, wheat and export is sugar cane products. Max size: Max LOA 220m; draught 10.5m, airdraught 13.0m (sugar terminal).

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