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Paranagua (BRPNG)

Paranagua, State of Parana, Brazil

Port Code BRPNG Port Name Paranagua
City Paranagua Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
The Port of Paranaguá (Port Code:BRPNG) is one of the main ports of Brazil and Latin America. It's located in the city of Paranaguá, in the Brazilian state of Paraná. It's the second largest port of Brazil in tonnage and the third in container shipping. It's a main exporting port of agricultural products in Brazil, especially soybeans and soybean meal. It's the largest port in Brazil for the export of grains. It exports and imports grains, fertilizers, containers, liquids, automobiles, wood, paper, salt, and sugar, among others. Most of the ships from other countries are from the United States, China, Japan and South Korea.
Currently, Paranaguá is the first port in Brazil in the export of soy flour and vegetable oil, the second in the export of sugar, paper (coil), frozen products, alcohol and vehicles, and the third in the shipment of soy and wood. The port of Paraná is also a leader in the import of fertilizers and represents 34% of all fertilizer imports in the country.
In 2020 it presented more than 57 million tons of product movement. With 14.2 million tons of soybeans exported, 5.4 million tons of soybean meal and 2.5 million tons of corn.

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