Port List by Port code starting with C

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Amherstburg CAAMH Feeder Port  Amherstburg City Port Canada
Annapolis CAANN Feeder Port  Annapolis City Port Canada
Argentia CAARG Feeder Port  Argentia City Port Canada
Arichat CAARI Feeder Port  Arichat City Port Canada
Amherst CAAST Feeder Port  Harve Aubert Port Canada
Barrie CABAR   Barrie City Port Canada
Bathurst CABAT Feeder Port  Bathurst City Port Canada
Baie Comeau CABCO Feeder Port  Baie-Comeau City Port Canada
Baddeck CABDK Feeder Port  Baddeck City Port Canada
Becancour CABEC Feeder Port  Becancour City Port Canada
Belledune CABEL Feeder Port  Belledune City Port Canada
Burgeo CABGO Feeder Port  Burgeo City Port Canada
Belleville CABLV Feeder Port  Belleville City Port Canada
Botwood CABOT Feeder Port  Botwood City Port Canada
Bridgewater CABRI Feeder Port  Bridgewater City Port Canada
Brockville(Ont.) CABRO Feeder Port  Brockville City Port Canada
Brampton, ON CABRP  Dry Port Brampton City Port Canada
Bay Roberts CABRS Feeder Port  Bay Roberts City Port Canada
Basques Cove CABSC Feeder Port  Basques Cove City Port Canada
Buctouche CABUC Feeder Port  Buctouche City Port Canada
Beaver Harbour CABVH Feeder Port  Beaver Harbour City Port Canada
Calgary CACAL  Dry Port Calgary City Port Canada
Campbellton CACAM Feeder Port  Campbellton City Port Canada
Carleton CACAR Feeder Port  Carleton City Port Canada
Come by Chance CACBC Feeder Port  Come by Chance City Port Canada
Corner Brook CACBK Feeder Port  Corner Brook City Port Canada
Charlottetown CACHA Feeder Port  Charlottetown City Port Canada
Chemainus CACHE Feeder Port  Chemainus City Port Canada
Chicoutimi CACHI Feeder Port  Chicoutimi City Port Canada
Churchill CACHV Feeder Port  Churchill City Port Canada
Clarenville CACLA Feeder Port  Clarenville City Port Canada
Comox CACMX   Comox City Port Canada
Cobourg(ONT.) CACOB Feeder Port  Cobourg City Port Canada
Collingwood CACOL   Collingwood City Port Canada
Contrecoeur CACON Feeder Port  Contrecoeur City Port Canada
Cornwall(ONT.) CACOR Feeder Port  Cornwall City Port Canada
Caraquet CACQT Feeder Port  Caraquet City Port Canada
Crofton CACRO Feeder Port  Crofton City Port Canada
Canso Harbour CACSH Feeder Port  Canso Harbour City Port Canada
Country Harbour CACTH Feeder Port  Country Harbour City Port Canada
Chatham CACTM Feeder Port  Chatham City Port Canada
Cowichan Bay CACWB Feeder Port  Cowichan Bay City Port Canada
Dalhousie CADAL Feeder Port  Dalhousie City Port Canada
Digby CADIG Feeder Port  Digby City Port Canada
Edmonton CAEDM  Dry Port Edmonton City Port Canada
Esquimalt CAESQ Feeder Port  Esquimalt City Port Canada
Forestville CAFOR Feeder Port  Forestville City Port Canada
Frobisher Bay CAFRB Feeder Port  Frobisher Bay City Port Canada
Gaspe CAGAS Feeder Port  Gaspe City Port Canada
Grand Bank CAGBK Feeder Port  Grand Bank City Port Canada
Goderich CAGOD  Dry Port Goderich City Port Canada
Gold River CAGOR  Dry Port Gold River City Port Canada
Goose Bay CAGSB Feeder Port  Goose Bay City Port Canada
Halifax CAHAL Feeder Port  Halifax City Port Canada
Hamilton,CA CAHAM Feeder Port  Hamilton City Port Canada
Hantsport CAHAN Feeder Port  Hantsport City Port Canada
Harbour Grace CAHGR Feeder Port  Harbour Grace City Port Canada
Holyrood CAHOL Feeder Port  Holyrood City Port Canada
Haver St.Pierre CAHSP Feeder Port  Haver St.Pierre City Port Canada
Iona CAINA Feeder Port  Iona City Port Canada
Kingston,CA CAKIN  Dry Port Kingston City Port Canada
Kitimat CAKIT Feeder Port  Kitimat City Port Canada
Kitchener CAKTC  Dry Port Kitchener City Port Canada
La Have CALAH Feeder Port  La Have City Port Canada
Leamington CALEA Feeder Port  Leamington City Port Canada
Liverpool CALIV Feeder Port  Liverpool City Port Canada
Little Narrows CALNA Feeder Port  Little Narrows City Port Canada
Lockeport CALOC Feeder Port  Lockeport City Port Canada
Louisburg CALOU   Louisburg City Port Canada
Lunenburg CALUN   Lunenburg City Port Canada
Matane CAMAT Feeder Port  Matane City Port Canada
Meteghan CAMET Feeder Port  Meteghan City Port Canada
Michipicoten(Ont.) CAMIC Feeder Port  Michipicoten City Port Canada
Midland(Ont.) CAMID  Dry Port Midland City Port Canada
Mississauga CAMIS Feeder Port  Mississauga City Port Canada
Markham CAMKH Feeder Port  Markham City Port Canada
Mont Louis CAMLS Feeder Port  Mont Louis City Port Canada
Moncton CAMNT Feeder Port  Moncton City Port Canada
Montague CAMON Feeder Port  Montague City Port Canada
Montreal CAMTRMain Port   Montreal City Port Canada
New Glasgow CANGL Feeder Port  New Glasgow City Port Canada
Nanaimo CANNO Feeder Port  Nanaimo City Port Canada
New Richmond CANRI   New Richmond City Port Canada
North Sydney CANSY Feeder Port  North Sydney City Port Canada
New Westminster CANWE Feeder Port  New Westminster City Port Canada
Oakville(Ont.) CAOAK Feeder Port  Oakville City Port Canada
Ocean Falls CAOFS Feeder Port  Ocean Falls City Port Canada
Owen Sound CAOSD Feeder Port  Owen Sound City Port Canada
Oshawa(Ont.) CAOSH Feeder Port  Oshawa City Port Canada
Ottawa CAOTT  Dry Port Ottawa City Port Canada
Port Alberni CAPAB Feeder Port  Port Alberni City Port Canada
Port Alfred,CA CAPAD Feeder Port  La Baie Port Canada
Port Alice CAPAE Feeder Port  Port Alice City Port Canada
Parrsboro CAPAR  Dry Port Parrsboro City Port Canada
Paspebiac CAPAS Feeder Port  Paspebiac City Port Canada
Peterborough CAPBH  Dry Port Peterborough City Port Canada
Port Cartier CAPCA Feeder Port  Port Cartier City Port Canada
Port Colborne CAPCO Feeder Port  Port Colborne City Port Canada
Port Dalhousie CAPDA   St. Catharines Port Canada
Port Hawkesbury CAPHA Feeder Port  Port Hawkesbury City Port Canada
Port Hope CAPHO   Port Hope City Port Canada
Port Hope Simpson CAPHS   Port Hope Simpson City Port Canada
Port Mulgrave CAPMU   Mulgrave City Port Canada
Pointe Noire CAPNR Feeder Port  Sept-Iles Port Canada
Powell River CAPOW Feeder Port  Powell River City Port Canada
Prescott CAPRE  Dry Port Prescott City Port Canada
Prince George CAPRG  Dry Port Prince George City Port Canada
Prince Rupert CAPRRMain Port   Prince Rupert City Port Canada
Parry Sound CAPSD Feeder Port  Parry Sound City Port Canada
Tahsis CAPTA Feeder Port  Tahsis City Port Canada
Pugwash CAPUG Feeder Port  Pugwash City Port Canada
Port Weller(Ont.) CAPWE Feeder Port  St. Catharines Port Canada
Quebec CAQUE  Dry Port Quebec City Port Canada
Riviere-du-Loup CARDL  Dry Port Riviere-du-Loup City Port Canada
Regina CAREG  Dry Port Regina City Port Canada
Richibucto CARIC Feeder Port  Richibucto City Port Canada
Rimouski CARIM  Dry Port Rimouski City Port Canada
Roberts Bank CAROB Feeder Port  Vancouver Port Canada
Saskatoon CASAK  Dry Port Saskatoon City Port Canada
St. Anthony CASAT Feeder Port  St. Anthony City Port Canada
St. Catharines CASCA  Dry Port St. Catharines City Port Canada
Shediac CASDC Feeder Port  Shediac City Port Canada
Sept Iles CASEI Feeder Port  Sept-Iles City Port Canada
Shelburne(N.S.) CASHE Feeder Port  Shelburne City Port Canada
Shippegan CASHI Feeder Port  Shippegan City Port Canada
Saint John CASJB Feeder Port  Saint John City Port Canada
St John's,CA CASJF Feeder Port  St. John's City Port Canada
St. Lawrence CASLA Feeder Port  St. Lawrence City Port Canada
Sarnia CASNI  Dry Port Sarnia City Port Canada
Springdale CASPR Feeder Port  Springdale City Port Canada
Sorel CASRL Feeder Port  Sorel City Port Canada
Souris CASRS Feeder Port  Souris City Port Canada
Sault Ste Marie CASSM  Dry Port Sault Ste Marie City Port Canada
Stephenville CASTE Feeder Port  Stephenville City Port Canada
Sheet Harbour CASTH Feeder Port  Sheet Harbour City Port Canada
Stewart CASTT Feeder Port  Stewart City Port Canada
Summerside CASUM Feeder Port  Summerside City Port Canada
Sydney,CA CASYD Feeder Port  Sydney City Port Canada
Tadoussac CATAD  Dry Port Tadoussac City Port Canada
Thunder Bay(ONT.) CATDB  Dry Port Thunder Bay City Port Canada
Thorold(ONT.) CATHO Feeder Port  Thorold City Port Canada
Toronto CATORMain Port   Toronto City Port Canada
Trois-Rivieres CATRR Feeder Port  Trois-Rivieres City Port Canada
Twillingate CATWI Feeder Port  Twillingate City Port Canada
Valleyfield CAVAL Feeder Port  Valleyfield City Port Canada
Vancouver CAVANMain Port   Vancouver City Port Canada
Victoria,CA CAVIC Feeder Port  Victoria City Port Canada
Welland(ONT.) CAWEL Feeder Port  Welland City Port Canada
Weymouth,CA CAWEY Feeder Port  Weymouth City Port Canada
Windsor(ONT.) CAWIN  Dry Port Windsor City Port Canada
Winnipeg CAWNP  Dry Port Winnipeg City Port Canada
Woodfibre CAWOO Feeder Port  Woodfibre City Port Canada
West Vancouver CAWVR Feeder Port  West Vancouver City Port Canada
Yarmouth CAYRH Feeder Port  Yarmouth City Port Canada
Banana CDBNW Feeder Port  Banana City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Boma CDBOA Feeder Port  Boma City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Bukavu CDBUK  Dry Port Bukavu City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kinshasa CDFIH  Dry Port Kinshasa City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Goma CDGOM  Dry Port Goma City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kolwezi CDKWZ  Dry Port Kolwezi City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Likasi CDLKS  Dry Port Likasi City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lubumbashi CDLUB  Dry Port Lubumbashi City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Matadi CDMAT Feeder Port  Matadi City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Bangui CFBGF  Dry Port Bangui City Port The Central African Republic
Brazzaville CGBZV Feeder Port  Brazzaville City Port The Republic of Congo
Djeno Terminal CGDJE Feeder Port  Pointe Noire Port The Republic of Congo
Pointe Noire CGPNR Feeder Port  Pointe Noire City Port The Republic of Congo
Pratteln CHATT  Dry Port Pratteln City Port Switzerland
Birsfelden CHBFL Feeder Port  Birsfelden City Port Switzerland
Bern CHBRN  Dry Port Bern City Port Switzerland
Basel CHBSL  Dry Port Basel/Mulhouse City Port Switzerland
Embrach CHEBH  Dry Port Embrach City Port Switzerland
Geneva CHGEN  Dry Port Geneva City Port Switzerland
Lausanne CHLAU  Dry Port Lausanne City Port Switzerland
Zurich CHZRH  Dry Port Zurich City Port Switzerland
Abidjan CIABJMain Port   Abidjan City Port Cote D Ivoire
Grand Bassam CIGBM Feeder Port  Grand Bassam City Port Cote D Ivoire
San Pedro CISPY Feeder Port  San Pedro City Port Cote D Ivoire
Tabou CITAB Feeder Port  Tabou City Port Cote D Ivoire
Sassandra CIZSS Feeder Port  Sassandra City Port Cote D Ivoire
Arutunga CKARU Feeder Port  Arutunga City Port Cook Islands
Avarua CKAVA Feeder Port  Avarua City Port Cook Islands
Rarotonga CKRAR Feeder Port  Rarotonga Island Port Cook Islands
Ancud CLACD   Ancud City Port Chile
Antofagasta CLANF Feeder Port  Antofagasta City Port Chile
Puerto Angamos CLANGMain Port   Mejillones Port Chile
Arica CLARI Feeder Port  Arica City Port Chile
Caleta Clarencia CLCCA Feeder Port  Caleta Clarencia City Port Chile
Chacabuco CLCHA Feeder Port  Chacabuco City Port Chile
Calderilla CLCLA   Calderilla City Port Chile
Caldera,CL CLCLD Feeder Port  Caldera City Port Chile
Cabo Negro CLCNO Feeder Port  Cabo Negro City Port Chile
Chanaral CLCNR Feeder Port  Chanaral City Port Chile
Coronel CLCORMain Port   Coronel City Port Chile
Caleta Patillos CLCPS Feeder Port  Caleta Patillos City Port Chile
Coquimbo CLCQQ Feeder Port  Coquimbo City Port Chile
Easter Island CLEAI Feeder Port  Easter Island City Port Chile
San Gregorio CLGRE Feeder Port  San Gregorio City Port Chile
Guayacan CLGUA Feeder Port  Guayacan City Port Chile
Huasco CLHSO Feeder Port  Huasco City Port Chile
Iquique CLIQQMain Port   Iquique City Port Chile
Lota CLLOT Feeder Port  Lota City Port Chile
Lirquen CLLQNMain Port   Lirquen City Port Chile
La Serena CLLSE Feeder Port  La Serena City Port Chile
Mejillones CLMJS Feeder Port  Mejillones City Port Chile
Penco CLPCO Feeder Port  Penco City Port Chile
Puerto Montt CLPMC Feeder Port  Puerto Montt City Port Chile
Puerto Natales CLPNA Feeder Port  Puerto Natales City Port Chile
Puerto Quemchi CLPQI Feeder Port  Quemchi City Port Chile
Puerto Quellon CLPQN Feeder Port  Quellon City Port Chile
Punta Arenas CLPUQ Feeder Port  Punta Arenas City Port Chile
Quemchi CLQMC Feeder Port  Quemchi City Port Chile
Quintero CLQTV Feeder Port  Quintero City Port Chile
San Antonio CLSAIMain Port   San Antonio City Port Chile
Santiago CLSCL  Dry Port Santiago de Chile City Port Chile
San Vicente CLSVE Feeder Port  San Vicente City Port Chile
Talcahuano CLTAL Feeder Port  Talcahuano City Port Chile
Tome CLTOM Feeder Port  Tome City Port Chile
Tocopilla CLTOQ Feeder Port  Tocopilla City Port Chile
Taltal CLTTL Feeder Port  Taltal City Port Chile
Valparaiso CLVAPMain Port   Valparaiso City Port Chile
Castro CLWCA Feeder Port  Castro City Port Chile
Valdivia CLZAL Feeder Port  Valdivia City Port Chile
Douala CMDLA Feeder Port  Douala City Port Cameroon
Kribi CMKBI Feeder Port  Kribi City Port Cameroon
Tiko CMTKC  Dry Port Tiko City Port Cameroon
Victoria,CM CMVCC Feeder Port  Victoria City Port Cameroon
Yaounde CMYAO  Dry Port Yaounde City Port Cameroon
Anqing CNAQG Feeder Port  Anqing City Port China
Bengbu CNBBU  Dry Port Bengbu City Port China
Baoding CNBDZ  Dry Port Baoding City Port China
Beilun CNBEIMain Port   Ningbo Port China
Beihai CNBIH Feeder Port  Beihai City Port China
Beijiao CNBIJ Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Beijing CNBJS  Dry Port Beijing City Port China
Baoji CNBOJ  Dry Port Baoji City Port China
Baotou CNBOT  Dry Port Baotou City Port China
Basuo CNBSP Feeder Port  Dongfang Port China
Guangzhou CNCANMain Port   Guangzhou City Port China
Changde CNCGD  Dry Port Changde City Port China
Changshu CNCGS Feeder Port  Changshu City Port China
Zhengzhou CNCGZ  Dry Port Zhengzhou City Port China
Chizhou CNCHI  Dry Port Chizhou City Port China
Chongqing CNCHQ Feeder Port  Chongqing City Port China
Chaohu CNCHU  Dry Port Chaohu City Port China
Chuzhou CNCHZ  Dry Port Chuzhou City Port China
Cixi CNCIX  Dry Port Cixi City Port China
Changsha CNCNA Feeder Port  Changsha City Port China
Chengde CNCNG  Dry Port Chengde City Port China
Chaozhou CNCOZ Feeder Port  Chaozhou City Port China
Changping CNCPI  Dry Port Dongguan Port China
Chuanshan CNCSW Feeder Port  Ningbo Port China
Chengdu CNCTU Feeder Port  Chengdu City Port China
Chiwan CNCWNMain Port   Shenzhen Port China
Changzhou CNCZX Feeder Port  Changzhou City Port China
Cangzhou CNCZZ  Dry Port Cangzhou City Port China
Datong CNDAT  Dry Port Datong City Port China
Dachan Bay CNDCBMain Port   Shenzhen Port China
Dongchang CNDCG Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Dandong CNDDG Feeder Port  Dandong City Port China
Dehui CNDEH  Dry Port Dehui City Port China
Dongguan CNDGG Feeder Port  Dongguan City Port China
Dalian CNDLCMain Port   Dalian City Port China
Dongshan CNDSN Feeder Port  Zhangzhou Port China
Ningbo Daxie investment Wharf CNDXW Feeder Port  Ningbo Port China
Dongying CNDYG Feeder Port  Dongying City Port China
Ezhou CNEZH  Dry Port Ezhou City Port China
Fangchenggang CNFAN Feeder Port  Fangchenggang City Port China
Haicang CNFHC Feeder Port  Xiamen Port China
Fuzhou CNFOC Feeder Port  Fuzhou City Port China
Foshan CNFOS Feeder Port  Foshan City Port China
Fuqing CNFQG Feeder Port  Fuqing City Port China
Xingang CNFRT  Dry Port Foshan Port China
Fushun CNFSN  Dry Port Fushun City Port China
Gulei CNGLE Feeder Port  Zhangzhou Port China
Gaomi CNGMI  Dry Port Gaomi City Port China
Gaoming CNGOM Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Gaolan CNGON Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Guigang Port CNGUG Feeder Port  Guigang City Port China
Ganzhou CNGZH  Dry Port Ganzhou City Port China
Haikou CNHAK Feeder Port  Haikou City Port China
Hangzhou CNHAZ  Dry Port Hangzhou City Port China
Huadu CNHDG Feeder Port  Guangzhou Port China
Handan CNHDS  Dry Port Handan City Port China
Heyuan CNHEY Feeder Port  Heyuan City Port China
Hefei CNHFI Feeder Port  Hefei City Port China
Hongwan CNHGW Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Haining CNHIN  Dry Port Haining City Port China
Haimen CNHME Feeder Port  Taizhou Port China
Humen CNHMN Feeder Port  Dongguan Port China
Hengyang CNHNY  Dry Port Hengyang City Port China
Harbin CNHRN  Dry Port Harbin City Port China
Shaoguan CNHSC  Dry Port Shaoguan City Port China
Huangshi CNHSI Feeder Port  Huangshi City Port China
Heshan CNHSN Feeder Port  He Shan City Port China
Huangpu CNHUAMain Port   Guangzhou Port China
Huludao CNHUD Feeder Port  Huludao City Port China
Huanghua CNHUH Feeder Port  Cangzhou Port China
Huizhou CNHUI Feeder Port  Huizhou City Port China
Huzhou CNHZH Feeder Port  Huzhou City Port China
Xinyang CNING  Dry Port Xinyang City Port China
Jiaxing CNJAX Feeder Port  Jiaxing City Port China
Jingdezhen CNJDZ  Dry Port Jingdezhen City Port China
Jungong Road port CNJGR Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Jiangyin CNJGY Feeder Port  Fuqing Port China
Jingzhou CNJGZ Feeder Port  Jingzhou City Port China
Jinhua CNJHA  Dry Port Jinhua City Port China
Jiangyin CNJIA Feeder Port  Jiangyin City Port China
Jiujiang CNJIU Feeder Port  Jiujiang City Port China
Jiangmen CNJMN Feeder Port  Jiangmen City Port China
Jinan CNJNA  Dry Port Jinan City Port China
Jinzhou CNJNZ Feeder Port  Jinzhou City Port China
Jiujiang CNJUJ Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Jieyang CNJYG Feeder Port  Jieyang City Port China
Jiuzhou CNJZU Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Kaiping CNKAP  Dry Port Kaiping City Port China
Kaifeng CNKFG  Dry Port Kaifeng City Port China
Nanchang CNKHN Feeder Port  Nanchang City Port China
Kunming CNKNM  Dry Port Kunming City Port China
Kunshan CNKUS  Dry Port Kunshan City Port China
Lanzhou CNLAZ  Dry Port Lanzhou City Port China
Langfang CNLFZ  Dry Port Langfang City Port China
Longkou CNLKU Feeder Port  Yantai Port China
Linhai CNLNH Feeder Port  Taizhou Port China
Lanshi CNLNS Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Lishui CNLSS  Dry Port Lishui City Port China
Liudu CNLUD Feeder Port  Yunfu Port China
Leliu CNLUU Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Luzhou CNLUZ Feeder Port  Luzhou City Port China
Lianyungang CNLYGMain Port   Lianyungang City Port China
Liuzhou CNLZH  Dry Port Liuzhou City Port China
Laizhou CNLZO Feeder Port  Yantai Port China
Maanshan CNMAA Feeder Port  Maanshan City Port China
Macun CNMAC Feeder Port  Chengmaixian Port China
Mawei Port CNMAW Feeder Port  Fuzhou Port China
Meizhou CNMEZ  Dry Port Meizhou City Port China
Maoming CNMMI Feeder Port  Maoming City Port China
Meishan CNMSW Feeder Port  Ningbo Port China
Mawan CNMWN Feeder Port  Shenzhen Port China
Mianyang CNMYG  Dry Port Mianyang City Port China
Nanhai(Ceased) CNNAH Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Ningde CNNDS Feeder Port  Ningde City Port China
Ningbo CNNGBMain Port   Ningbo City Port China
Wuhan CNNHNMain Port   Wuhan City Port China
Sanshan CNNHS Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Nanjing CNNJI Feeder Port  Nanjing City Port China
Nansha CNNSAMain Port   Guangzhou Port China
Nantong CNNTG Feeder Port  Nantong City Port China
Panjin CNPAJ  Dry Port Panjin City Port China
Pingdu CNPDU  Dry Port Pingdu City Port China
Pinghu Nan CNPHN  Dry Port Shenzhen Port China
Penglai CNPLI Feeder Port  Penglai City Port China
Putian CNPUT Feeder Port  Putian City Port China
Qingyuan CNQGY Feeder Port  Qingyuan City Port China
Qinglan CNQLN Feeder Port  Wenchang Port China
Qinzhou CNQZH Feeder Port  Qinzhou City Port China
Quanzhou CNQZJ Feeder Port  Quanzhou City Port China
Quzhou CNQZS  Dry Port Quzhou City Port China
Rongqi CNROQ Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Rugao CNRUG  Dry Port Rugao City Port China
Rizhao CNRZH Feeder Port  Rizhao City Port China
Sanbu CNSBU Feeder Port  Kai Ping Port China
Shuidong CNSDG Feeder Port  Maoming Port China
Shanghai CNSHAMain Port   Shanghai City Port China
Shidao CNSHD Feeder Port  Weihai Port China
Qinhuangdao CNSHF Feeder Port  Qinhuangdao City Port China
Shishi CNSHH  Dry Port Shishi City Port China
Shekou CNSHKMain Port   Shenzhen Port China
Xi'an CNSIA  Dry Port Xi'an City Port China
Sihui CNSIH  Dry Port Sihui City Port China
Shatian CNSIN  Dry Port Dongguan Port China
Jiaoxin CNSJJ Feeder Port  Guangzhou Port China
Sanshui CNSJQ Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Shijiazhuang CNSJZ  Dry Port Shijiazhuang City Port China
Shenwan CNSNW  Dry Port Zhongshan Port China
Shenwan CNSNW  Dry Port Zhongshan Port China
Siping CNSPG  Dry Port sipingzhen City Port China
Sanrong CNSRG Feeder Port  Zhaoqing Port China
Shangrao CNSRS  Dry Port Shangrao City Port China
Shunde CNSUD Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Shantou CNSWA Feeder Port  Shantou City Port China
Shanwei CNSWE Feeder Port  Shanwei City Port China
Shaoxing CNSXG  Dry Port Shaoxing City Port China
Sanya CNSYA Feeder Port  Sanya City Port China
Shenyang CNSYD  Dry Port Shenyang City Port China
Suzhou CNSZH Feeder Port  Suzhou City Port China
Shenzhen CNSZXMain Port   Shenzhen City Port China
Taicang CNTAC Feeder Port  Suzhou Port China
Taian CNTAI  Dry Port Taian City Port China
Qingdao CNTAOMain Port   Qingdao City Port China
Taiping CNTAP  Dry Port Taipingzhen City Port China
Taizhou CNTAZ  Dry Port Taizhou City Port China
Tangshan CNTGS Feeder Port  Tangshan City Port China
Tieling CNTIL  Dry Port Tieling City Port China
Taishan CNTIS  Dry Port Taishan City Port China
Tongling CNTOL  Dry Port Tongling City Port China
Tonglu CNTON  Dry Port Tongluxian City Port China
Tianjin CNTSNMain Port   Tianjin City Port China
Xingang CNTXGMain Port   Tianjin Port China
Taiyuan CNTYN  Dry Port Taiyuan City Port China
Taizhou CNTZO  Dry Port Taizhou City Port China
Urumqi CNURM  Dry Port Urumqi City Port China
Wafangdian CNWAF  Dry Port Wafangdian City Port China
Weihai CNWEI Feeder Port  Weihai City Port China
Wenling CNWEN  Dry Port Wenling City Port China
Waigaoqiao CNWGQ Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Wuhu CNWHI Feeder Port  Wuhu City Port China
Wenzhou CNWNZ Feeder Port  Wenzhou City Port China
Wusong CNWSW Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Wuchong CNWUC Feeder Port  Guangzhou Port China
Wujiang CNWUJ  Dry Port Maanshan Port China
Wuzhou CNWUZ Feeder Port  Wuzhou City Port China
Wuxi CNWXS Feeder Port  Wuxi City Port China
Xinfeng CNXAB  Dry Port Xinfeng City Port China
Xingcheng CNXCE  Dry Port Xingcheng City Port China
Binhai CNXGG Feeder Port  Tianjin Port China
Xiangzhou CNXGZ Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Xiaolan CNXIL Feeder Port  Zhongshan City Port China
Xinhui CNXIN Feeder Port  xinhui Port China
Xintangzhen CNXIT   Guangzhou Port China
Xiamen CNXMNMain Port   Xiamen City Port China
Xinsha CNXNA Feeder Port  Dongguan Port China
Xinyu CNXNY  Dry Port Xinyu City Port China
Xinsheng CNXSG Feeder Port  Chongqing Port China
Xiangshan CNXSN Feeder Port  Xiangshanxian City Port China
Xiangtan CNXTA  Dry Port Xiangtan City Port China
Xuzhou CNXZH Feeder Port  Xuzhou City Port China
Yangshan CNYANMain Port   Shanghai Port China
Yunfu CNYFG Feeder Port  Yunfu City Port China
Yangpu CNYGP Feeder Port  Danzhou Port China
Yibin CNYIB  Dry Port Yibin City Port China
Yichang CNYIC Feeder Port  Yichang City Port China
Yingkou CNYIK Feeder Port  Yingkou City Port China
Yiwu CNYIU  Dry Port Yiwu City Port China
Yixing CNYIX  Dry Port Yixing City Port China
Yangjiang CNYJI Feeder Port  Yangjiang City Port China
Yantai CNYNT Feeder Port  Yantai City Port China