Dongguan (CNDGG)

Port Code CNDGG City Dongguan
Port Name Dongguan Country/Region China
Category Port City Route CHINA MAINLAND
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Dongguan (CNDGG)



Dongguan Port is located on the east bank of the Pearl River in Dongguan City, the belly of the Pearl River Delta, China. It is 50 kilometers south of the Pearl River Estuary. It is an ideal natural place. River port.

In 1997, the State Council approved the merger of Dongguan Shatian Port and Taiping Port to build a national first-class port, named Humen Port. In 2003, the Humen Port Management Committee was formally established to comprehensively plan the development of Humen Port. Humen Port is divided into Port of Machong, Port of Shatian, and Shajiao Port of Shajiao, Chang'an Port and Inland River Port are five major port areas. From this period, Humen Port was equivalent to Dongguan Port. Humen Port is the Port of Dongguan. In order to promote the coordinated development of the port and the city, on March 12, 2016, the Ministry of Communications agreed to change the name of Humen Port to "Dongguan Port". Humen Port Area is one of the port areas of Dongguan Port.

Port status

At present, of the 34 deep-water berths in Humen Port, 25 deep-water berths have been approved respectively, of which 12 are container deep-water berths, with a total coastline of more than 4,000 meters. At present, the Xidatan operating area in Shatian Port has been developed. 5- No. 8 berth, the coastline is 1356 meters long, and the water depth at the front of the terminal reaches -14.3 meters. It has 11 ultra-barna double-box quay cranes, 6 gantry cranes, and 37 gantry cranes (dragon cranes). Four 50,000-ton container ships are operating, and 19 domestic trade routes have been opened, covering the northeast, Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, southeast coastal and southwest coastal port groups, and opened 2 Taiwan routes and 1 Vietnam sea. The line of defense, with an annual design throughput of 2.6 million TEUs per year. Currently, berths 1-4, berths 9 and 10, and 11 berths for 3,000-ton barges are under construction, approved and approved. Merchants in progress.

Humen Port hardware facilities

DGCT is equipped with 6 ultra-Panamax quay cranes, 2 gantry cranes, 20 yard bridges, a yard capacity of 27,000 TEUs, 576 reefer container sockets, and a bonded warehouse area of ​​7110 square meters.

Other supporting facilities: imported bonded warehouses, dangerous goods storage yard, refrigerated container storage yard, customs inspection yard, inspection and quarantine inspection yard, fumigation office, floor scales, etc.

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