Dongying (CNDYG)

Port Code CNDYG / CNDYN City Dongying
Port Name Dongying Country/Region China
Category Port City Route CHINA MAINLAND
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Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Dongying (CNDYG)


      Dongying Port was built in 1997 and has 14 berths. It is a national first-class open port approved by the State Council of China.In order to meet the needs of development, the Dongying Municipal Party committee and government have decided to expand Dongying Port since 2005. At present, the first phase of the project is under implementation. It is planned to invest 1.7 billion yuan to build two 30000 ton multi-purpose wharves, which will be completed and put into operation in August 2007.On this basis, two 50000 DWT oil terminals (including 100000 DWT oil tankers) and 10000 DWT liquid chemical terminals are under construction.Dongying Port Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level economic development zone approved by Shandong provincial government. The planned area is divided into six functional areas: storage, chemical industry, processing and manufacturing, high-tech, administrative office, life and trade.
      Dongying Port and Dongying Port Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province of China are located in the northeast of Dongying City, the central city of the Yellow River Delta in China. It is adjacent to Jingjintang Economic Zone in the north, Jiaodong Peninsula in the South and the southwest coast of Bohai Sea. It is located at the intersection of the Yellow River economic belt and the Bohai economic circle.
      The development orientation of Dongying Port and Dongying Port Economic Development Zone is: Based on the Yellow River Delta, relying on the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration, facing the Bohai economic circle, serving northern Shandong and Shanxi Hebei.Speed up the construction of modern petrochemical city, ecological city and new port city;Efforts should be made to build national petroleum strategic reserve base, petrochemical base and Shandong processing and manufacturing base;It will become the regional logistics center of northern Shandong and Shanxi Hebei as soon as possible;As soon as possible to build the highlight of Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration.
Port advantage
      Dongying Port Economic Development Zone as a new economic zone, compared with the National Development Zone, has unique development advantages: first, the location advantage is prominent.Dongying Port is located in the central control point of the traffic channel between Northeast Economic Zone and Central Plains Economic Zone, Shandong Peninsula and Beijing Tianjin Tang area. It is 50 kilometers north of the Yellow River Estuary, 90 nautical miles away from Tianjin port in the north, 72 nautical miles away from Longkou port in the East and 122 nautical miles away from Dalian port. It faces Caofeidian port and Qinhuangdao port across the sea.Dongying Port is a good natural site for building a deep-water port on the muddy coast of Bohai Bay.As early as more than 90 years ago, Dr. Sun Yat Sen predicted in his general plan for the founding of the people's Republic of China that "when the Yellow River regulation project is completed, this estuary will be passed by foreign ships, and naturally a harbor will sprout."Dongying Port is an important regional port on the 1000 km coastline around Bohai Sea from Longkou to Huanghua. It plays an important role in the port layout of the southwest coast of Bohai Bay and Shandong Province.Second, the transportation is very convenient.Dongying Port goes out of Bohai Bay and connects with ports at home and abroad.The development zone is connected with major cities by high-grade highways. It is only 2 hours' drive from Jinan and Qingdao, 3.5 hours' drive from Beijing and 2.5 hours' drive from Tianjin.Dongying airport has opened routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Dalian and other places, reaching the 4D standard. The port area has become an important station of the Bohai Rim transportation channel.Third, the port area has obvious characteristics of integration.Relying on the construction of Dongying Port, Dongying Port Economic Development Zone integrates the port with the District, and promotes the development of the port with the District, which is conducive to mutual promotion and synchronous development.Fourth, land resources are sufficient.It is one of the areas with the most reserve land resources and the greatest development potential in the eastern coastal area of China. All of the planned areas are uncultivated state-owned wasteland, which is suitable for the development of various port industries.Fifth, there are abundant fresh water resources.The Yellow River flows into the sea in Dongying with stable flow path. The average annual runoff is 22.8 billion cubic meters, and the one-time water storage capacity of the port area is 117 million cubic meters.Sixth, there is sufficient power supply.A 110kV substation with a capacity of 113000 KVA has been built in the area;A 220 kV substation is under construction, with a capacity of 480000 KVA, which can support large-scale development and construction.
After years of development, the region has formed such advantageous industries as petrochemical industry, salt chemical industry, textile industry, machinery and electronics industry, tire industry, paper industry, food industry, etc. in particular, the petrochemical industry has developed rapidly. The crude oil processing capacity of 12 refining and chemical enterprises reached 20.65 million tons in 2005, and the crude oil processing capacity will exceed 38 million tons in 2010,It has unique conditions to develop large petrochemical enterprises.Fourth, it has sufficient land space advantage.Dongying Port has a vast reserve land area, which can give full play to its coastal advantages, radiate to inland hinterland, and gradually form port industry and alternative industry with the port as the core.
Within 232 square kilometers of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, all of them are uncultivated open saline alkali wasteland.As there is no follow-up land available in China's coastal areas, the abundant land resources of Dongying Port will provide a solid guarantee for the rapid development of the port and development zone.Fifth, it has the advantage of good development environment.Dongying Municipal government attaches great importance to the construction of Dongying Port and Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, and endows them with more preferential policies.The infrastructure construction in the area has been improved rapidly, and the built-up area has reached the conditions of water supply, power supply, heating, road, communication, drainage and so on.The Development Zone implements "closed management and open operation" to provide customers with standardized and efficient "one-stop" all-round services.

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