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San Antonio (CLSAI)

San Antonio, Valparaiso Region, Chile

Port Code CLSAI Port Name San Antonio
City San Antonio Country/Region Chile
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude -33.5875 Longitude -71.618285
San Antonio Port (Port code: CLSAI) Chilean port. The time zone adopts West 4.5 district time. The maximum draft is 9.75 meters. The tide range is 1.22 meters. Southwest wind prevails. Ships can only enter the port during the day and leave the port without restrictions. In severe weather or strong winds, the navigator cannot reach the port. Ships over 100 meters in length can take the inner channel to take the pilot. Larger ships should leave the port until the weather returns to normal. The harbor basin is relatively small, and when the length of the ship exceeds 130 meters, there is no room for turning. The outer channel is very deep and it is not suitable for anchoring. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the port during the day and leave at night. The best time to enter the port is before the strong southerly wind in the morning. The flow velocity along the northeast coast is 1.0-1.5 meters per second. The port area includes ship repairs, fuel supply, motorboats, tugboats, medical and repatriation services, and food supplies. Italy, Spain, and consulates in Hong Kong.

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