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Montana (BGOZA)

Montana, Montana, Bulgaria

Port Code BGOZA Port Name Montana
City Montana Country/Region Bulgaria
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 43.416667 Longitude 23.233333
Montana Port (port code: BGOZA) is an inland port in Bulgaria. It is strategically located in Southwest Montana at the intersection of Interstates 90 and 15 and is served by both BNSF and UP railroads, allowing for easy distribution both east-west and north-south.
The port is a full-service transload, distribution, warehouse and storage facility. It is home to 124,00 square feet of indoor storage — an estimated 250-rail car storage spaces, five docking areas, and two certified scales. Its outdoor storage is paved and open for bulk, liquid and gas handling and has a forklift capacity of up to 46,000 pounds and a Piggy-Packer lift capacity to 86,000 pounds.
The port offers direct transfer between rail and truck (with a conveyor belt system for bulk transfer), scheduling and shipment coordination as well as storage and inventory control. Their distribution services are uniquely tailored to both the industry and company.

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