Bujumbura (BIBUJ)

Port Code BIBUJ / BIBJM City Bujumbura
Port Name Bujumbura Country/Region Burundi
Category Port City Route EAST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Dry Port

Introduction of Bujumbura (BIBUJ)



      Bujumbura is the capital of Burundi, the largest city of Burundi.Old name: Usumbura.It is located on the North Bank of the east end of Tanganyika lake, with an altitude of 756 meters.The population is about 270000.

      19 At the end of the 20th century, the German colonists invaded the Central African base and later relocated the stronghold of Randa (RWANDA) - urumdi (now Burundi) for Germany and Belgium.Today it is the national political, economic and cultural center.Bujumbura has a strong trade in coffee, cotton and livestock products.Lakeside freshwater fishery is very important.There are agricultural products processing, food, textile, cement, leather and other small industries, accounting for more than half of the country's output value.It is an important water and land transport hub and a national import and export gateway.Road access to Rwanda, Congo (DRC), Tanzania and major domestic towns.The route from Tanganyika lake to Kigoma port in Tanzania, then to the Indian Ocean by railway, is an important route for foreign relations.There are international airports.The main cultural facilities include the University of Burundi and the Museum of African civilization.

      Burundi's industry is backward. In addition to the largest industrial enterprises in Bujumbura, the United Textile Mill (annual output capacity is 90 million square meters), the sugar cane sugar factory in Burundi (22 thousand tons of white sugar per year), and the Burundi beer beverage factory (annual capacity of 150 million liters of beer and 15 million litres of soft drinks), there is basically no decent industry.The main waterway is Tanganyika lake, with a total length of 175 km.From the south of Tanganyika, through Kigoma port in Tanzania, to lessalam port by railway, the total length is 1428 km.The main port is Bujumbura port, with a 500 meter long wharf, which can dock 5 cargo ships at the same time.

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Summary of BIBUJ

Bujumbura Port (port code: BIBUJ / BIBJM), formerly known as Usumbura Port, is the main port of Burundi. It is located on the north bank of the east end of Tanganyika Lake.
The port ships most of the country's chief export: coffee, as well as cotton and tin ore. It has a 500-meter-long wharf, which can dock 5 cargo ships at the same time. It connects to transportation systems of Tanzania and Zaire and to the Kalemie Port through boat service.