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Mutsamudu (KMMUT)

Mutsamudu, Anjouan Island, Comoros

Port Code KMMUT Port Name Mutsamudu
City Mutsamudu Country/Region Comoros
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -12.166 Longitude 44.391
The port of Mutsamudu (Port Code: KMMUT) is the only deep-water port in the Union of the Comoros built in 1982, it is also the one that has the largest transit of goods per year. The port of Mutsamudu is located in the Island of Anjouan, at approximately 80 NM or 150 km eastwards from Moroni in the Island of Grand Comoro. As such it serves as port of transshipment for containerized cargoes destined to the two other islands. Mutsamudu is the only port in the Comoros group capable of handling large ocean going vessels alongside. The port has new quays and a dredging programme has been completed.
The traffic of the port of Mutsamudu is mainly containerized, with very few bulk cargoes. Main products imported are rice, cement, sugar, flour and petroleum products. Main export products are Ylang Ylang, cloves and vanilla. Close to the 75% of the traffic is represented by transhipments re directing the cargo to/from the other islands.
The port is under the supervision of the public company EPPAM (Public Port Authority Autonomous Port of Mutsamudu) and the company that has the port concession for handling since 2003, is the ASC (Anjouan Stevedoring Company) which is a subsidiary of the Indian Ocean Holding Shipping Group.

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