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Chongjin (KPCHO)

Chongjin, Hamgyeongbuk-do, North Korea

Port Code KPCHO Port Name Chongjin
City Chongjin Country/Region North Korea
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Chongjin Port (Port Code: KPCHO) is a port situated on the Northeastern coast of Korea, on the North shore of Cheongjin Hang. The port mainly handles cargoes from ports in Japan, Manchuria and Korea. Exports include iron, steel, fish products and soybean oil. Chongjin is one of the major centers of North Korea's steel and fiber industries. It has a shipyard, a locomotive works and a rubber factory. Port area near qingjin iron and steel Company, chemical fiber company. Chongjin port has become an important part of the busy international shipping trade with northeast and southeast Asia. Of North Korea's eight international shipping ports, Chongjin is considered the second most important economically (after Nampo on the west coast), and is a base for trade with Russia and Japan. Chongjin also has a seamen's club that caters to foreign sailors, as well as a meeting base for North Koreans and foreigners engaged in shipping trade.

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