Khor Al Mufatta (KWKAM)

Port Code KWKAM / KWKWM City Khiran Pearl City
Port Name Khor Al Mufatta Country/Region Kuwait
Category Port Route MIDDLE EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Khor Al Mufatta (KWKAM)



      Kuwait's eastern port.The maximum draught is 10.67 meters and the loading density of water is 1030.The tidal range is about 0.30 m and the prevailing wind direction is variable. There is no pilot station in Hong Kong.Communication via Kuwait radio [call sign 9kko] to Mina ahmedi port.The master should inform the estimated time of arrival of the vessel.According to the special port system;Do not sell alcohol to shore workers;Smoking in public is not allowed during Ramadan.The port holiday is shuibn.Working hours: 7:00-12:00 / 13:00-16:00 [Saturday to Wednesday].Ships with draft less than 10.67 meters can be anchored at the anchorage.There are good anchor grip, port service facilities only boats and supplies.The nearest airport is Kuwait International Airport.Kehoami and kehomofatti are twin ports used for the transportation of cargo ships of two oil companies in the United States.They are 9.6 km south of minasaud.They can be regarded as ports of the same nature for their practical purposes.The port is an open anchorage and the ship is anchored on a buoy near the anchorage about 3.2 km off the coast of khomochata.All cargo on board the ocean going vessel is discharged into the barge at the anchorage and then transported to the port.

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Summary of KWKAM

Khor Al Mufatta (Port Code:KWKAM) is used primarily for the discharge of cargoes destined for American oil companies working in the area. The port is situated on the south coast of Kuwait, close to the Saudi Arabian border. Max size: Max draught 10.7m.