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Dwarka (INDWA)

Dwarka, Gujarat State, India

Port Code INDWA Port Name Dwarka
City Dwarka Country/Region India
Port Type Category Port City
Latitude 22.246245 Longitude 68.96187
Dwarka Port (Port Code: INDWA) is a port located at the western shore of the Okhamandal Peninsula on the right bank of the Gomti River, at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch facing the Arabian Sea at coordinates North 22° 14' 46.48" - East 068° 57' 42.72". It was an ancient harbour and an important religious centre of the Hindus, which has played an important role in the history of maritime activities of Okhamnadal region since the early historical period. Offshore explorations have brought to light a large number of stone structures which appear to be the remains of an ancient jetty.

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