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Karwar (INKAR)

Karwar, Karnataka State, India

Port Code INKAR / INKRW Port Name Karwar
City Karwar Country/Region India
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 14.77224 Longitude 74.134325
Karwar port (Port Code:INKAR) is a natural harbour, sheltered from the Arabian sea, which is located at Baithkol, Karwar Bay. The port which is operated by the Government of Karnataka, services the hinterland of northern Karnataka, Goa and southern Maharashtra. The port is able to handle all types of commodities, including "B" and "C" class petroleum products. There port has liquid storage tanks for bitumen, furnace oil, molasses, and HSD. A ban of iron ore mining and export in Karnataka state reduced congestion at the port. The port has arrangements for berthing coastal vessels, and a jetty for fishing boats.
The length of the port is 355 metres (388 yd). The quay has two berths, with a draft capacity of 9.25 metres (30.3 ft). Karwar port also berths coastal vessels and there is a jetty for fishing vessels. The Government of Karnataka has planned to develop Karwar port on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis to provide six additional berths, a container terminal, and a rail link to Shirwad railway station.

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