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Siglufjordur (ISSIG)

Siglufjordur, Northeastern Region, Iceland

Port Code ISSIG Port Name Siglufjordur
City Siglufjordur Country/Region Iceland
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 66.14677 Longitude -18.898
Siglufjordur Port (Port Code: ISSIG) is a port located on the north coast of Iceland. Siglufjord is one of the largest fishing ports in Iceland. It is subject to incursions of polar ice but during the summer, on account of its good access and position, it is one of the best harbours of refuge on this coast. There are several piers and wharves inside the North Mole whose protection has been increased by the building of a new breakwater 130m in length located southeast of Hafnargardur. Approximately 50,000 tons of cargo are handled annually. It also functions as a cruise port.

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