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Sikka (INSIK)

Sikka, Gujarat State, India

Port Code INSIK Port Name Sikka
City Sikka Country/Region India
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 22.4604 Longitude 69.817985
Sikka Port (Port Code: INSIK) is a port located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kutch, on the northwesten Indian coastline. The port of Sikka comprises the Ammonia berth at the LCB Jetty, the SDCC cement lighterage wharf and the Lo-Lo/Ro-Ro jetty of RPL, approached through Sikka Creek. The Jamnagar Marine Terminal, operated by Reliance has 10 berths in total, which consists of 5 tanker berths and 5 SPM'S. It handles dry bulk, liquid bulk and project cargoes including imports of phosphoric acid, ammonia, coal and polypropylene and exports of clinker, cement and salt. Cargo is handled at jetties and at anchor using barges. Sikka port handles approximately 9,000,000 tons of imported liquid ammonia and phosphoric acid annually. Jamnagar Terminal handles approximately 850 vessels and 53,000,000 tons of crude and products annually.

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