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Sorong (IDSOR)

Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia

Port Code IDSOR / IDSOQ Port Name Sorong
City Sorong Country/Region Indonesia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -0.8802449 Longitude 131.2386
Sorong Port ( Port Code:IDSOR/IDSOQ) is the largest port in West Papua province, located in Papua’s bird’s head peninsula, and is classified as Port Class I. Sorong port is a conventional port for multi-purposes and is operated by government state-owned company, PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia IV Sorong Branch. This port contains both passenger and container terminal linking the Bird's Head Peninsula with other regions of Indonesia.
The main exports consists of crude oil, plywood, nickel ore and local frozen fish products. Approx 1,200 vessels, 448,000t cargo and 32,000TEU handled annually. Goods that are being supplied to Sorong city mainly comes from Makassar and Surabaya by sea transport to the Port of Sorong and then distributed within Sorong city and surrounding districts.

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