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Vestmannaeyjar Hofn (ISVES)

Vestmannaeyjar, Southern Region, Iceland

Port Code ISVES Port Name Vestmannaeyjar Hofn
City Vestmannaeyjar Country/Region Iceland
Port Type Category Port City
Vestmannaeyjar port (Port Code:ISVES) is a large fishing and transport harbour. It is the only harbour in Iceland’s south coast area from Hornafjördur to Thorlákshöfn. Vestmannaeyjar is home to one of the largest fishing communities in the country, lying close to rich fishing grounds. The Vestmannaeyjar fishing station has long been a major contributor to Iceland’s national income, but a considerable share of the country’s fishery exports derives from Vestmannaeyjar. 
Vestmannaeyjar and its harbour attracted worldwide attention during the volcanic eruption of 1973 when around 5,000 residents were ferried over to the mainland on the Vestmannaeyjar fishing fleet.

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