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Mumbai (INBOM)

Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India

Port Code INBOM Port Name Mumbai
City Mumbai Country/Region India
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 18.941 Longitude 72.855
Mumbai Port (port code: INBOM), previously known as Bombay Port, is India's principal port. Situated on the west coast of Maharashtra State, it is also the gateway for more than half of India's sea-going passengers and an important cargo-handling seaport.
The port, within a natural harbour of a length of approximately 14 nautical miles and a general width of approximately 5 nautical miles, is well sheltered by Mumbai Island to the west and the mainland of Konkan to the east. There are 3 main berthing areas as well as tanker terminals at Pir Pau and Jawahar Dweep. The port has a total area of 46.3 hectares, total quay length of 7.8 thousand meters, and 63 anchorage points.
The port handles approximately 56.2 million tons of cargo and 58,000TEU annually. The principal imports entering this port are rock phosphate sulphur, iron and steel, metal and metal products, scrap synthetic fibre, woodpulp, chemicals, other general cargo such as paper and paper products, plastic, etc. The chief exports leaving this port include fruits and vegetables, fodder, textiles, fish and marine products, iron and steel, oil seeds, tobacco, perfumes, rubber manufactured products, spices, molasses, vegetable oil, leather, hides and skins, etc.
Each year about 6,000 vessels and 31,000 passengers visit this port. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are dredging vessels, accounting for about 28%; cargo vessels, taking up around 26%; and tankers, taking a proportion of 23%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 334 meters. The maximum draught is 15.8 meters. The maximum deadweight is 321,137t.

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