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Khorramshahr (IRKHO)

Khorramshahr, Khuzestan, Iran

Port Code IRKHO Port Name Khorramshahr
City Khorramshahr Country/Region Iran
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 30.4333333333 Longitude 48.166666667
Khoramshahr port (Port Code:IRKHO) has the shortest marine distance to Iraq and Kuwait, and has the capacity for 3.8 million tons of containerized and general cargo through its 18 berths. The infrastructures developed for passenger transfer in Khoramshahr port have provided a significant investment opportunity and advantage for the Private Sector partnership in the future.
This port is situated in the north-west of the Persian Gulf, on the southwestern coastline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the heart of Arvand Free Industrial and Trade Zone. This port has some common borders with Iraq, and is considered as the national center of trade with Persian Gulf littoral States.
The port has a long history in seaborne trade and the construction as well as exploitation of special quays for ocean-going vessels launched in the early of 1300(1922)and during the outbreak of the second world war became more and more so that the years before the Islamic Revolution ,Khorramshahr Port had 20 quays and was one of the largest port of the country with 4 million tons general cargo importation in 1356(1978).

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