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Mormugao (INMRM)

Mormugao, Goa State, India

Port Code INMRM Port Name Mormugao
City Mormugao Country/Region India
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 15.39358 Longitude 73.81159
Mormugao port (port code: INMRM) is a medium-sized open harbour in India. Situated on the west coast, 200 nautical miles south of Mumbai (Bombay), on the northeast side of Mormugao Headland, the port is protected by a breakwater and also by a mole built eastward from the seaward end of the breakwater, running parallel to the quay. This affords protection from turbulent seas during the southwest monsoons.
Constructed on the leeward side of Mormugao Headland, this port is served by 2 major navigable rivers, the Zurai and the Mandovi, which are also interconnected by the Cumbarjua Canal. There are 3 mooring dolphins in this port for vessels loading from barges, and these operations can be carried out during monsoons.
The principal exports from this port are iron ore, manganese ore, and alumina and the principal imports include petroleum products, liquid chemicals, coal/coke, fertilisers and ammonia. This port handles approximately 800 vessels, 4,300TEU, 11,000 passengers, and 41,681,500t of cargo, among which 33,809,000t are iron ore, accounting for approximately 81%. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are bulk carrier,accounting for 33%; and fishing vessels, accounting for 17%. Allowing for a maximum draught of 14.2 meters and a maximum deadweight of 209249t, the port once served a vessel as long as 334 meters.

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