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Killybegs (IEKGS)

Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland

Port Code IEKGS / IEKBS Port Name Killybegs
City Killybegs Country/Region Ireland
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 54.6331 Longitude -8.439775
Killybegs (Port Code:IEKGS) is the largest fishing port in the country and on the island of Ireland. Killybegs Harbour Centre is located in County Donegal, on the North West coast of Ireland. Its position, at the tip of a deep fjord-like inlet, makes it one of the safest, most sheltered, deep-water harbours on the Irish coast.
Killybegs boasts a diverse range of marine manufacturing businesses from boatbuilding to metal fabrication, and from cranes to sea pumps Their products are transported across the world to be fitted to fishing vessels. Killybegs is the largest exporter of pelagic fish in Ireland with makerel and herring products travelling to countries like Nigeria in Africa and as far away as Japan in far-east Asia. Fish product is in high demand and from Autumn through the Winter months into Spring fishing boats from all over the world come to Killybegs with mackerel, herring, horse mackerel and blue whiting. The port is increasingly being used as an offshore base due to the increasing volume of work associated with the oil and gas industry.

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