Umm Qasr (IQUQR)

Port Code IQUQR City Umm Qasr
Port Name Umm Qasr Country/Region Iraq
Category Port City Route MIDDLE EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Umm Qasr (IQUQR)



Umm Qasr Port, Latitude and Longitude: 30 ° 4'0"N, 47 ° 57'0"E Time difference: +3:00, berth draft: 10 sea Drawing No.: 1235 Port Type: Seaport Port Size: Medium SEE BASRAH Iraqi deep-water commercial port. It is located on the west bank of Zubair Bay, about 50 kilometers south of Basra, the country’s second largest city. Ships enter the port from east to west on Bubiyan Island in northern Kuwait, and there is a railway passing through Zubair to here. Zubair Bay is a small bay in the Persian Gulf that stretches into the inland of Iraq. It is 30 kilometers deep from north to south, with a narrow mouth and wide inside, and good concealment conditions. Since the late 1970s, Iraq has established oil refineries, steel plants, and fertilizer plants on the northern coast of the Gulf, and ports have also developed. In the 1980s, due to the Iran-Iraq War, the largest commercial port bus with 20 deep-water berths slumped into the port’s channel, and instead focused on the use and construction of the port. In January 1988, the Iraqi government invested 2.2 billion U.S. dollars for a large-scale expansion, and the project was undertaken by a South Korean company. As of June 1989, 10 berths had been in operation, including 2 container berths; another 13 berths were under construction. The construction of the port also includes the improvement of the access channel and the addition of terminal facilities. The port capacity can reach 8 million tons, making it the largest commercial port in Iraq. The Zubair Industrial Port in the north has 8 berths in operation. The port is 151 nautical miles from Shuweih Port, 293 nautical miles to Dammam Port, 487 nautical miles to Lasde Port (Dubai), 733 nautical miles to Qaboos Port, and 2315 nautical miles to Colombo Port.

Umm Qasr Port (Port of Umm Qasr, port five-character code: IQUQR) is the only deep-water port in Iraq. Umm Qasr Port is divided into Umm Qasr Port (South) and Umm Qasr (North) ), is part of the city of Umm Qasr.

Umm Qasr Port is the second largest port in Iraq in terms of scale and quantity of products shipped from Iraq to the Port of Basra. It is strategically important and is located on the western edge of the Faao Peninsula, where the Arab The estuary, the waterway enters the Persian Gulf. It is a small mouthful of separating Kuwait from the border. Before the Persian Gulf War, traffic between Kuwait and Iraq crossed a bridge.

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Summary of IQUQR

Umm Qasr Port (port code: IQUQR) is the largest commercial port in Iraq. It is strategically located at the confluence of the Khor Zubair and the Khor Abdullah Rivers.
The port has facilities for handling passengers, containers bulk and general cargoes, and is capable of handling 8 million tons of cargo annually. Each year approximately 350 vessels visit this port, among which around 54% are cargo vessels, 21% are dredging vessels, and 12% are tankers. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 367 meters. The maximum draught is 12.4 meters. The maximum deadweight is 165,966t.